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What is an experiential wedding photography program

With Crystal Horton Photography


Your wedding may be simple or elaborate, but no matter the adventure, your life's story of marriage begins with a pre wedding session. Most couples know this to be an engagement session. However, I call this a "pre wedding" session because if you want to have a picnic or if you want to relax by a bon fire, I will be there to capture those moments. Those are the images that you will love the most because it will be the real you. Yes there will be moments to pose and smile, but who doesn't want to feel as though the moment was authentically you?


The Experience continues on the day of your wedding. I will capture you preparing for the ceremony. The emotions of you laughing with your maids, and suddenly having a few sneaky butterflies jump your stomach into your throat. Can you see yourself standing in your gown while an extra set of hand gently places on your veil or shoes? Then imagine seeing the Groom for the first time. Everything just disappears except for him. All that matters to you, right then, is that moment.


Finally, when the day is done, all of this is tied together with an intrinsic and glamorously hand designed portal that allows you to relive your wedding, any day, any time. Viewing the 15 hypnotizing and bewitching flat spreads in your one of a kind wedding album, your stomach will end up in your throat all over again. Better yet, your heart will be bursting out of your chest, just like it did on the day of Your Wedding.



Never forget your wedding experience because every moment is special and should be treasured in the most captivating and authentic way possible. You only get that exact moment once.

Tell me what you want from your only Wedding Experience.

My custom proposal includes things like a photography assistant or a second shooter, a canvas wall art or a collection of stunning album spreads in a sophisticated and slick, flat page album. However, that is only the chip of the iceberg for what you can do with your experience with me.



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