A few more Logistical questions and concerns about wedding photography. 

If you are following the link from my popular questions page, found here, please feel free to read through these few additional questions, and then book me. If you didn't see it, I personally only photograph 30 weddings. Therefore, dates are limited.

Ask about reserving one of my 30 wedding dates. Not every couple sees wedding photography as important as you do.



How do you handle your photography payments?

Most couples find that one of two options work for them. Setting up a payment plan, which is only for select couples. Or, most couples send a retainer with their completed contract, pay 30% 3 months before the wedding, and the last 30% 2 weeks before the wedding.


What is a lighting assistant? Are they a second photographer?

My lighting assistant is not a second photographer. Let's just say, if in the middle of your wedding ceremony, my camera glitches, or my battery decides to die, he is there to be the split second in me getting the next photo, or as other photographers have experienced, missing a huge section of photographic memories.


Do you have a second photography?

This is a great question and yes. Unless my second photographer is already booked for a wedding that weekend, you have the option of also hiring them as well.


Do you require a retainer and contract?

Yes to both.  This is the only way that I will see a wedding date as reserved. Without this, it is only a verbal agreement which does not guarantee anything for either of us


Do you travel? If so how far?

What do you consider travel? Is it from Dayton to Cincinnati? or is it farther, say Ohio to Florida? No matter where you are looking at saying "I Do", yes I am willing to travel. By letting me know where your wedding is, let's me know if I will be able to drive back home after the wedding or not.


Contacting me, tells me that you see your photographs as a high importance out of all the wedding details. Ask me if your wedding date is open to one of my limited 30 dates.

At this point you should have a clear picture that I am the photographer who has the most passion for your wedding. 


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