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Premium Wedding Day ChecklistPremium Wedding Day ChecklistA Checklist is one of the first and most important steps in making sure that your wedding day is smooth.


Wedding Services & Packages

Be delighted with the Services & Packages I can offer you on your Wedding Day. With Custom Pre-Designed Packages, you will see the value that not only best fits the need of your wedding, but you will be full of desire and excitement to receive your photographs after the wedding day.


Al La Carte Packages

Not sure if my Custom Pre-Designed Packages are the right fit for your wedding, or do you know exactly what excites you for your dream photography service? Please see how my Al La Carte option is an advantage to your custom wedding photography experience.


About Crystal

Precious and blissful moments are constantly going to arise at your wedding. You need to trust the person who is going to capture your emotions and the most intimate moments between you and your family. Please meet me, before you "meet me".


About Crystal Horton Photography 

A Photograph is just an image until there is emotion and light added into it. Crystal Horton Photography is not just another wedding service you found online. The photographs I capture are luxurious, authentic, and radiant. Every image has meaning behind it. Every image is a moment that will be relived for years to come. See a glimpse into Crystal Horton Photography and what you can expect!


Why Choose a Timeless Wedding Photographer **Link Under Construction**

With so many photographer's out there on the web, it is difficult to know exactly which one is the best fit for you and your wedding. There is something to be said though when a photographer can be called "Timeless". To capture a moment of emotion and have it last for generations in a way that will always look luxurious and radiant, is ultimately what any bride would want. See how choosing a "Timeless Wedding Photographer" is the best thing for your wedding.


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With only accepting 30 weddings each year, there is no time to assume that I would have your wedding date available. I believe that weddings are one one of the most intimate moments in a couples life, and I want to be completely sure that I know who you are and what you not only expect from me as your photographer but what you expect to see from your wedding photographs!


Proud Wedding Photographer of Cincinnati, Dayton & Franklin Ohio