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Timeless and captivating wedding featuresTimeless and captivating wedding featuresLearn what wedding features will have generation of women woo-ing over your timeless and captivating wedding.


As many women know, there are a few pieces to a wedding that really make a wedding a show stopping, breath taking experience. These few details of course may vary between different brides and religions, but what you are about to read every bride will have at least one of these as their top 5 must haves

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The Dress

THE Dress. Not just a dress, but “THE” dress. A dress that will make her feel more beautiful than any movie star ever looked on screen. THE dress will make her feel more powerful than any princess or Duchess. THE dress that every bride searches for is the one that she secretly hopes will make her soon-to-be speechless in smiles or bring tears to his eyes.

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The Groom

Another feature that will bring a timeless feel to your wedding is of course the groom’s attire. Even though it seems simple enough, surprisingly your groom needs to accent the bride just as much as she accents him. The best part about a groom is, while most brides will opt for a traditional white or ivory gown, a groom can be splashed with the wedding colors, ranging from their boutonniere and their tie, all the way to the socks on their feet. Even the solid color of their tux can play a factor into how your wedding will look years into the future.
Mother's Tears of LoveMother's Tears of Love


The Veil

A delicate wedding feature which isn’t seen as much today as it was in the past is a wedding veil. It has adapted to glistening hair combs and even had a blast from the past with the dainty bird cage. These delicate pieces of art have a way of bringing the feeling of sophistication and beauty and yet a sense of childhood joy when thinking back to playing in your mothers veil. A little tip when searching for the right head piece, find something that is not too over done and busy if your dress is extravagant, or finding something that really says look at me if your dress is simple and plain.
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The Shoes

Finally, this last little classical feature has many woman spending hours on pinterest and even longer on google images. The wedding day shoes. Who wouldn’t love a splash of bright purple or teal hiding under your lavish gown? Even better, what if you could treat yourself with a pair of brand new Kate Spades? Yup, the wedding shoes are a feature that not only help pull in your personality but will also have a sense of classic chic to them


No matter what features are a priority to you, your wedding will be just as dreamy as you hoped it would be. Simply because it is you walking down the isle to marry your best friend and start a whole new chapter together.


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