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Timeless and Captivating Keepsakes for your WeddingTimeless and Captivating Keepsakes for your Wedding

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the internet/technology went down tomorrow? How would you share your most precious memories?

Here is a little insight into different wedding Keepsakes that we specially offer to our clients, which will help you carry your Timeless & Captivating wedding memories through the years.


Wedding Albums

 The importance of an album is that you receive as many of your wedding images artfully compiled into one single location. No frustration while you shuffle through years of digital albums, no sifting through a box full of 4x6s, just one jaw dropping, intrinsically hand designed collection of images. It is by far the most intelligent investment that you will make into your wedding memories.


Canvas Wall Art/Prints

The canvas wall art, which you would see every day, is the candle in your heart that reminds you why you push through hard times and what is most important in your life.

Photographs are no different from looking in a mirror and seeing yourself happy and joyous at that one emotional moment frozen in time. Your family is one of the pillars that make up your strong foundation and you should welcome the cherish memorabilia that keep the reminder spinning in your everyday life.


Throw Blanket/Pillow

 This is a unique and pleasing keepsake for the person who wants to add a little more “hominess” to their home. Obviously, a house is just a building until you add you and your family into it, only then does it become a home. The large throw blanket with your family photo splashed across it keeps you warm from your heart to your feet. And the pillow is excellent highlight to the photograph of your bouquet or other little wedding detail.


Photograph Bracelet/Charm

 So many brides rave about the new high fashion accessory bracelets created by Alex and Ani but they forget to realize that charm bracelet and lockets have been around for ages. Adding an intrinsic freeze-frame to your already beautiful bracelet collection makes your heart flutter every time you have the opportunity to wear it. You will definitely catch yourself fidgeting with it and showing it off to anyone you speak with. This gives you the constant, everlasting reminder that you are loved and what you treasure the most in your life.




How you desire to relive your wedding is something I will ask you.

Set up a meeting with me to learn what Package or Keepsakes we have to fit your dream wedding.

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