Crystal Horton Photography | Giveaway Rules & Restrictions

Giveaway Rules and Restrictions

2018 Wedding Photography Giveaway

6Hr 2018 Wedding Photography Session with Crystal Horton Photography LLC

All entries must be entered between the dates of June 21st, 2017-July 12th, 2017

By submitting the previous form, (which linked you directly to this web page) you understand that you are submitting your own personal information into a completely random raffle that has absolutely no bias, opinions, or personal factors on the randomly selected winner. You also understand that in order to be entered into this giveaway you willing submitted your personal information for our company e-newsletter, which the winner will be announced through. Also, please note that this is a private giveaway, not nationwide. This giveaway also has distance restrictions due to the location and size of the photography company offering the giveaway, via Crystal Horton Photography LLC.

Winners will be notified within 3 months, or sooner and will have only three weeks after the email has been sent to accept the winnings.

Winnings cannot be combined with any other specials, discounts, or offers.

FIRST PLACE: 6Hr 2018 Wedding Photography Session with Crystal Horton Photography

If first place does not accepts their winnings, or does not respond in a timely manner, it will follow to the runner up and so on until a winner has accepted.

Winner will be selected completely at random

  • No purchase is necessary and will not better your chances of winning.
  • If you cannot accept the giveaway, a new random winner will be selected by Crystal Horton Photography LLC, from the original entries.
  • Booking a Coffee or Phone call will not increase your chances of winning and simply allows you the opportunity to learn more about hiring Crystal Horton Photography LLC as your wedding day/event photographer.
  • If you are outside of the Dayton City /Cincinnati City, you can and will likely be charged a travelers fee should you accept the giveaway. Those fees will be discussed at a later time, after you have accepted the winnings.
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  • By filling out the entry form, you understand and accept that…
    • The winnings may only be used for a 6.5 hour wedding
    • You understand that you will only be receiving digital images.
    • You will not be receiving additional photography sessions or products unless you pay for the additions. (ie: a photo album)
    • You may add additional photography items like a photo album or engagement session, which you will be charged for on a separate invoice. This is in no way to be included into the giveaway and must be charged for accordingly.
    • You cannot change the date of your wedding after submitting or accepting the giveaway. If your wedding date changes, the giveaway is void. A new contract will be created and you will have to pay for the new wedding photography package at the active prices by Crystal Horton Photography LLC if you wish to continue to use Crystal Horton Photography LLC.
    • Crystal Horton Photography LLC holds the sole right to decline the winner wedding photography should the client break any of the contractual agreements or causes harm to Crystal Horton the person or company equipment.
    • You cannot submit someone else’s information.
    • You cannot give this away to another wedding or bride.
    • You can not transfer this to another type of photography session. It must be used as a wedding photography package as stated in the contract that the winner will sign once accepted.
    • The 6.5 hours are consecutive, occurring continuously, and cannot be broken apart. (ie: you can not have 2 hours in the morning and then 4.5 hours in the evening. Once the photography starts it will not stop until the 6.5 hours are up.)
    • By accepting the giveaway, you understand that you will still abide by the contractual agreement for Crystal Horton Photography LLC’s Wedding Contract as all other customers are held to. If you do not agree with the contract then you are automatically declining the winnings of the free 6.5Hr wedding session and understand that a new random winner will be selected immediately after you have declined the contract.
    • There is no traveling allowance included in this giveaway. If your wedding is outside of Dayton or Cincinnati, you will be charged a travelers fee at the time the contract is signed. This will be discussed with the winner after the winner is selected. This must be paid in full at the time of the signed winning agreement and wedding contract.

Thank You for your entry, and in the words of the Hunger Games:

“May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!”