You Entered into my Bridal Expo "Free Engagement Session Raffle"

Here are some details:

ATTENTION COUPLES: I only Accept/Photograph 30 weddings each calendar year. If long lasting, quality, Photographs are a priority for your wedding, please Set Up A Coffee/Chat Immediately. 






First of all let me say again that ‘Yes what you entered your name into is an engagement session, 100% completely and enjoyably FREE. So, to all of you skeptics out there, mainly to you future husbands or left brain future wives, or even mother/father of the bride thinking it’s too good to be true; This is one time it is not!

I simply have a few entertaining and quaint rules to keep this fair to both your and me. Hopefully you totally get where I’m coming from and can see this is going to be fun.

No purchase is necessary. Not a penny.

You don’t have to accept. If you won, just tell me, “No thanks.” That way I can draw another name immediately!

Get notified in 1-2 Days. If you are one of the few names that I (or my son) pull out of the jar, you will know within 1-2 days (two if it is a 2 day expo)

You get a session, & you, & you. How many couples win is unclear. If I had my arm twisted and had to give a number usually 10% (give or take). So, if only 10 people enter, usually 1 name is drawn, if 100 enter, 10-13. I like to play fair.

Fill out the form. All areas of the raffle form need to be filled out. If you skipped a section, then it’s dealers’ choice if a new name is drawn from the jar.

I want a golden egg laying goose. Sorry to say, this cannot be combined with other winnings, special offers, or deals. If you got multiple winnings, deals, ect…, you need to decide if you like one deal better than another.

I want something else. I’m not McDonald’s so you can’t have it your way. The session cannot be swapped or exchanged or transferred for “something else”. It’s a free Engagement session to the couple on the entry form.

Set up a one-on-one chat. “This is the Way” It was way too busy at the expo to get all your personality. In order for me to capture the best photographs at any of my photography sessions, I always set up a free coffee chat. In your case, all three of us. If I wanted to photograph strangers, I would find strangers. These photographs are your first wedding keepsakes and I never take a photo without it having meaning. Plus, we will have so much more fun because again…. "This is the Way".

Let’s go for a walk in the woods. Okay maybe not the deep woods, but a park or city street or local coffee shop or farm, I’m up for photographing just about anywhere with one exception….

30minuet drive from zip code 45036. Let’s be honest here. This is a free session (and a free coffee), I can’t go driving to Indiana or Cedar Point, as much fun as that would be. NOTE: if there is a photographer's fee, and you really want photos there, you will be responsible for covering that.

Not an all day thing. “Dear Future Husband…”, take a deep breath. You will be happy to know that this won’t be an all day event with me….. Haha. Did you sing that?! Seriously though. It’s an easy 45min session. Usually 10 minuets to warm up and get comfy in front of the camera (or flex time for traffic/parking), and then 25-30minuets to show off your fun, passionate, silly, romantic self!

Rescheduling. Sometimes people meet a photographer and they set up a date for a free engagement session, and it’s rainbows and unicorns, or lightsabers and big trucks. And sometimes it’s not. In the case that mother nature steps on our plans, we can always make new ones. Just know, I will photograph in almost any elements with exception to cold-to-the-bone, freeze your eyes shut cold, or rain. Neither are good for my gear or fingers and not worth the expense of buying new stuff.


So, there you have it. Basic. Simple. Easy.

In familiar words….

“May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.”


If you are serious about the quality of your wedding photographs, let me know! I am only accepting 30 weddings for 2021.

What makes me a different kind of wedding photographer? Let me share the intimate details of how losing my job in the middle of planning my wedding, defined me as a photographer so focused on not just stunning images, but the experience of a lifetime for you.

You know 30 weddings a year is not many. But, that is because I give more than digital downloads. I deliver stunning Gallery wall Art, breath taking wedding albums and as always, an unforgettable experience. Customize your perfect wedding photography experience from one of my specially designed packages. 



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