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Choosing a Timeless and Captivating Wedding PhotographerChoosing a Timeless and Captivating Wedding Photographer

Weddings are happening every weekend all around the world. Some weddings even last for an entire week in some cultures. It is the sole function of a wedding photographer to anticipate what may happen and prepare to capture the evoking and highly valuable memory which you are completely unaware of.


The Sad Truth

The sad and painstaking truth is that, every year, according to, millions of people purchase a digital camera and some of them blindly assume the role of a professionally established wedding photographer. According to the statistic, about 2 billion dollars were spent on digital cameras in 2017.

What you need to know is simple. Meet and completely review the photographer that you are looking at hiring. This is your investment, this is your wedding, and these are your memories.


The Up Side

There is always an upside. Confidence, Experience, and Proof. These are what make a business owner of wedding photography excel above the competition.

You want your photographer to have Confidence that they know what they are doing and they understand that nothing is certain. They are confident that they can work not only is tight corners, but in tricky situations.

You also should seek a wedding photographer with Experience. There is a rule of thumb that says a great photographer will emerge after their 100th wedding, and yet it also says a great business owner will spend a minimum of 10,000 hours to master what their clients need.

Finally, the wonderful saying that “the Proof is in the pudding” is no exception here. You want to make sure that the photographer you visit has images that give you a sense of desire and want to have that image on your wall or in your album. There is no better proof than a photograph and a professional photographer will love each and every one of their images.


Tips & Tricks for Brides

It is a very confusing world out there when looking for a wedding photographer, but it is also a very beautiful one. Some of the best tips that many brides have shared with me over the years is this.

1.       Do your research. Don’t just look at one image and assume everything is good.

2.      Speak up and voice your concerns. There is nothing worse than knowing you didn’t mention something you were uncomfortable with.

3.      Meet with your photographer. Getting to know who your photographer is will allow you to see if your photographer cares about you and your wedding memories.

4.      Choose what is most important to you at your own wedding. Guest will always talk about how good the food was, and the dress will get stored in a box, but your photographs are what will help keep your wedding memories alive.

5.     Look at the Photos. If you look at a wedding photographer and love the price but don’t like the photos, don’t use them. You will always regret not getting the photographer who understood you, listened to you, and got to know who you were, even before your wedding day.





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