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Every one of my clients is unique. Every wedding memory is precious. This is your wedding. These are your memories, your relationship. Most of my brides have very similar questions, so please, feel free to see the different categories and questions and if for some reason your question has not been asked feel free to click any of the "Ask A Quick Question" links throughout the page.



Session & Package Questions

What is a session?

A session is simply the time spent capturing photographs. For example: a Senior Session or an Engagement Session.

What is included in the session?

Every session and package is valued differently by different people. Typically included for a wedding is an all day photographer and assistant, as well as some form of a Album or Keepsake to treasure after your wedding celebration has concluded.

What if I want to customize my own package?

 You absolutely have the ability to customize your own wedding day photography package with my "Al La Carte" option seen here. 

What if I'm not sure I want Prints or an Album?

I surprisingly hear this very often because cell phones have numbed us to the importance of seeing and touching photographs. To hear that someone is investing in such a valuable experience and has the thought of hiding all of their timeless and precious memories on a computer, is very disheartening.

You may be unsure about the decision now, but when you see how adored and vibrant my hand designed albums are, you will immediately question why you wouldn't want to have a print or album to look back on every day or every anniversary.

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Can I add extra time onto my wedding?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to add in the extra hour or two as soon as you request a quote. And at every wedding before I depart, I will check in with you and ask if you need an extra hour, which simply is invoiced to you later.

Do you shoot with a second photographer?

As a skilled professional in the wedding industry, I absolutely see no reason to charge you for 2 photographers when I am more than capable of capturing the exact memories that your wedding will need. However, if you have your heart set on having 2 different cameras capturing images, I can absolutely add that to your wedding package

Why is a photography assistant included in the package?

My photography assistant is someone who is there to aid me in making sure all the fine details are in place as well as a second set of hands, eyes, and even at times feet. My assistant is not a second shooter, but will usually have a camera and flash in their hand ready to go.

Who designed the wedding album?

I will be the one to custom design the album. Not only did I attend several business and graphics courses in college, but as a master wedding photographer my goal is to design a wedding album that would be an award winning competition piece. I want to design something that will not only bring back your radiant smile, but will cause you to feel your heart leap up into your throat with the turn of every page.

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Customer Service Questions

How do you communicate with me?

I have several forms of communication: Email, Social Medial, and Phone Call. I will always tell someone. "If something is extremely crucial and may effect me or your wedding photographs, don't send me an email or message. Contact me directly and speak to me. Last thing either of us wants is for a message to not be delivered."

Is every wedding treated the same?

Absolutely Yes! No matter who, where, or when your wedding is, it will be given the upmost respect and care that I expected from my own photographer. As you may have seen I only book 30 weddings each year, and I only book one wedding a day. This is to give you the confidence that you are my sole focus and my quality will be unmatched.

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Why do you limit the number of weddings you book?

I found that most photographers in the industry, lose sight on what is most important. These competitors want to book as many weddings as they can. However, what you may not realize is that if they book every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in one month, that is 12 weddings, and approximately 10,000 images that they will need to go through, edit, and enhance. Those photographers risk gaps in communication due to being overly busy, and potentially late delivery dates for images and other keepsakes.

I want to make sure that I give you my all and focus completely on your wedding so that you know you are getting the absolute best from me.

Do you require a retainer or contract?

I require both. Once I have both, your wedding date can not be bought out by another bride. Both the retainer and contract are there to protect both you and I as a formal agreement.

What if I'm not sure what my wedding date is, or what package I want?

In regards to not knowing your date, In order to book a wedding with me, you need to have a wedding date selected and, at minimum, a venue booked. That way I know what date to block out in my calendar as well as how far the wedding is from my office. 

If you are unsure on the package, I simply recommend you select the package that fits the need of your wedding and your desire. This is something that we will discuss at your complimentary consultation or free coffee, which you can schedule here and now.

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After the Wedding Questions

What happens after the wedding celebration?

After your luxurious wedding celebration, I will immediately download all of the images from my camera onto my computer and back them up onto a separate external hard drive. 

I will activate a system that will allow me to work on all of the wedding images according to the stages that they are in. This not only keeps me on track to deliver your images promptly but so that I don't forget a wedding during my busy seasons.

After the images have been processed and have gone through several check points, a teaser will be uploaded, and you will eventually see several photographer's favorites on social medial, as well as access to the entire gallery online through my website. 

Why do the photographs online have watermark? 

A watermark is a form of an artistic signature. It also prevents any third party member (anyone not you or I) from using the images inappropriately. Example: facebook could use it in an ad and not credit my work. Or, a competitor could steal my images and claim them as their own.

Don't worry the watermark will not be on your digital files.

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What is a teaser?

The teaser is an image that I post to keep your excited about your photographs. It is also a way for family and friends to get excited for when I launch the entire gallery on my website.

How will I get my images?

Back in the day photographers would hand out CD's or Flashcards. Way, WAY, back in the day, photographers would have a binder full of thumbnails and deliver a box of 4x6 prints.

Today being so technologically advanced, you have the luxury of instantly downloading high quality digital images directly to your computer. This will be delivered through an email which will include a direct link, as well as a temporary download password which will expire immediately after your successful download.

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Photograph Enhancement Questions

Do you edit all of your images?

Yes and no. I don't capture 500+ images at your wedding to sit behind my computer and apply a silly Instagram filter. Instead I capture the images of the event as it is seen, be it outdoor sunset lighting, or indoor chandelier lighting. I then go in and check that each image looks exactly the way it did at the wedding. I don't modify, Photoshop, or filter the images.

I will however select the best images from your wedding (which is sometimes hard to narrow down) and will apply my own signature design to it which will then be submitted to the recent photography competitions. Most of these competitions require the images be kept as pure as possible.

What if I have a skin break out the week of the wedding?

As with every one of my clients, I tell them that skin is skin, and stress is stress. You are bound to get some sort of a break out or randomly unexpected skin imperfection. What I also tell them is that as long as they have a professional make up artist they have nothing to worry about. 

If your groom has sever breakouts or acne or any type, I highly recommend they consider getting a light foundation cover up applied. As I said, I keep the photographs as pure and as authentic as possible to how they were captured.


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Price & Fee Questions

Are there hidden fees I should know about?

There are no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

There is one exception to this and this is if you are wanting photographs/memories captured at a specific location and they have a “photographer’s fee”. You will have to front the fee for the location or choose a new location. Usually this is only $50-$100 dollars and the photographic memories captured will outweigh what you could ever imagine.

Is there a traveler's fee?

Yes and No. I travel between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. So if your wedding falls within one of those locations, you have nothing to worry about.

If your wedding exceeds the distance of a 2 hour drive in one direction we will need to discuss the details farther at your Free Consultation or Coffee

What if I want to remove or add an Album to my photography package?

Removing an Album will not change your package price/quote, however if you wish to receive a canvas wall art in place of the Album, I absolutely have those options for you.

If you wish to add an album I would simply add it to your invoice before you pay the retainer, or I would send you an additional invoice and add it to the total due.




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