playful kiss on the groundplayful kiss on the groundlooking down at a an engaged couple as they lay upside down, nose to nose.

Your Engagement Session is One of the First Formal Family Experiences You Will Cherish.


As always your engagement photos are just as important to me as your wedding memories.

These are some of the common questions I am asked about he engagement session, once you are ready to move forward and schedule the session or book me for your wedding, please let me know immediately so that your date does not become blocked.

If you have hired me, or decided to hire me as your wedding photographer, I am very excited. You can skip right down to the bottom where it says: "I hired you before my engagement session is captured, what are the details?"


When will our session be captured?

The times to capture the free engagement photographs are during week evenings I reserve my high priority times and dates for couples who have paid a retainer for their wedding photography experience with me.

This means that typically a free session will be booked Tues, Wed, or Thurs, from 4:30p-6p, Sat, Sun, 9a-2p. Typically Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are reserved for either family time or for you wonderful couples who have chose to trust me with your precious wedding photographs.

The reason: Booked couples have more of my flexibility as I am willing to go above and beyond to make your experience worth every moment.

If you are ready to schedule, take a look at your calendar and look about 2 weeks out and pick 2 possible dates. I like to pencil in 2 because if the weather is terrible, which is common in Ohio, I like to have a back up plan.

Does booking the session book my wedding date?

No. In order to book me for your wedding I need to receive a signed contract and retainer. This free sessions is separate from one of my wedding photography experiences.

How long is the session?

Three free session is 30 minuets. However if you have already paid the retainer, then the session becomes a full hour.

Can we change outfits?

This is one of my No's. (and there aren't many). After you have finally gotten comfortable with me and my camera, there won't be much time to change and get back to the photographs.

However, if you would like to pay a little extra for some additional time, then this would be a yes. That rate would be approximately $80 for an extra 30min, and must be discussed in advance as I book multiple sessions in an evening.

Where are the photos captured?

For the free session, it must be no farther than 30min from zip code 45036. But I can capture photographs almost anywhere. I wouldn't be a wedding photographer if I couldn't. That said, I like to recommend local parks or city scapes. Like Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Wegerzyn Garden in Dayton, Eden Park in Cincinnati, and/or Ault Park in Cincinnati.

I pay for an annual permit for the Dayton Metro Parks, but if you like a location, like the Dayton Art museum, please make sure contact both me and the location so that you purchase the photographer's permits that may be required. Surprisingly disrespectful photographers have ruined public property so some park and companies now require permits to cover any damages.

I want to bring our kids or dog?

I have no issue with this at all. Please be aware, safety is my first priority. My only requirement is that you bring an additional adult because while I enjoy having the soon to be new family all together, this is still an Engagement Session, so there will be only a single set of photographs that include kids and pets. I need to know that someone will be able to take over watching the kid(s)/dog(s). If that person can not or does not attend the session, we will have to reschedule.

If you want a family photo session, please speak with me about purchasing one of those.

What do I get from the session?

If you were one of the raffle winners from a bridal expo, you can expect to select half of the images from the gallery. That can be anywhere from 10-30 images depending on the total number of images captured at the time of the session. If you hire me for your wedding post session, you will receive the rest of the images from the session, but you will not receive the additional 30min.

If you have selected me as your wedding photographer, please scroll down to "I hired you before my engagement session what are the details".

Can I buy the rest of the images, additional time, or change the session?

As far as changing the session, This is one of my only No's. This is an Engagement Session. But I am more than happy to send you a quote for a session that you would like captured ie: maternity, family, newborn, anniversary, birthday, senior, etc. 

Buying the images or adding additional time; Of course you can. Just let me know and I can get that priced out for you before the session. Additional time must be purchased in advanced and will cost approximately $80.

What if it rains, I really want snow photos, or I want sunset photos?

RAIN: First off, we hopefully selected 2 time slots so if it rains bad enough that we can't take my gear outside, we will move to the second date, if that date is rainy, we will find an indoor location or have to schedule two more dates, two weeks out.

Note: I do have umbrellas so if it is drizzling and not too cold, we can capture some stunning photographs.

SNOW: If you want snow photographs, this is what I call a "White Whale". We live in Ohio. It's either a blizzard, Slushy, Cold to the bone, or Wet-Nasty. In my entire 10 years of being in the photography world, I've only have 2 actual moments with snow in photographs.

SUNSET: Sunset photographs are absolutely romantic, and I love when I get just the right cloud coverage for these shots. However these are a hit or miss. you need to have some clouds to get a sunset, but too many and you cant get any sunlight. Also these time slots are reserved for my booked couples. The times to capture these is difficult to get, especially in the fall/winter. 


I hired you before my engagement session was captured, what are the details?

I am super excited that I get to be your wedding photographer. Since you are now investing and trusting me with your memories, I am going to invest even more in you.

  • While I still try to stay around the Dayton-Cincinnati area, I now am able to look a little farther outside of my "free" driving distance.
  • The session will now be in the 45-60 minuets range.
  • You will receive ALL the digital keepsakes from the session.
  • One Outfit Change is allowed for this session.
  • You are able to reserve a weekend slot unless a wedding or newborn client obtains the slot.


I look forward to working with you and not only capturing your engagement session but your wedding photographs.



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