For All Our Couples of 2020 & Spring 2021!

How Crystal Horton Photography handling the world wide pandemic of Covid-19.

Yes this is a very real, nerve wrecking time we are experiencing. Bet you didn't put this in your high school paper of "where I see myself in  ten years." That's okay. Life happens. I know you are stressed. Thankfully I am here to stay calm for you and. I'm taking this new chapter in all our lives, day by day. Here are some quick answers to the nightmare questions you have in regards to your wedding.

Better to have a plan then to be thrown a curve ball. And if plan B fails, then let's design a plan C real quick.

Remember I like to say "I'm a problem solver not an excuse maker."

Please know that at this time, I am taking health precautions very seriously because I am pregnant with my second child! I am very excited and I can not wait to meet our new addition. Please note if you are getting any symptoms at all and we are due for a session, please tell me immediately.

Are you worried about the virus and your business?

In regards to the virus and health, I am worried for those who are effected in health and life. I am respecting my own family, my assistant and his family, my second photographer, my clients, and anyone who is at high risk. I do not wish to put anyone in danger. If I got someone sick who didn't survive, words could not describe how I would feel.

As far as my business staying afloat and closing it's doors, I am not worried at all. I will not close my doors permanently. The only exception to this is if I becomes deathly ill. However, you do not need to worry because I have processes in place should this happen. You and your wedding will have a photographer and will get beautiful photographs and keepsakes.

If the government should restrict no gatherings at all, we will be forced to abide by their rules. Remember this: their guidelines should be taken serious. They are there to help keep our health care system for overloading with sick. We can only do the best we can with what every day gives us. 

Are you still capturing photographs? (Engagement, Weddings, Families, Ect)

Yes and No. At this time we are still capturing engagement sessions, and family sessions. Many weddings have been reschedule and for good reason. I have captured a few weddings with a limited number of guests. The only exception to capturing a photography session is if the government prohibits gatherings of any kinds. Then we shall simply reschedule these until further notice.

Can I still recommend/book you for my wedding?

Yes please! I am still planning, booking, and scheduling weddings. I am being hopeful that over the next month or two, everything will work out.

What if I am forced to reschedule my event?

No worries. Then it is rescheduled. No point in stressing over something you can't control. Simply focus on what you can control. Here are the step that will help keep me as your photographer. 

First gather any and all the dates that your venue has available. Then call me immediately. Let us know the optional dates. Let your other vendors know as well. We will share what dates we have open, so you can start processing which of the dates are perfect.

Once you have found the perfect date that works with everyone, book it. We want to make sure that it doesn't become booked by a new or another rescheduling wedding.

What if you are booked on my new date?

If you have all your vendors available for a date, and I am not available, don't stress. I currently have a second photographer as a back up, as well as I am in the works of building a second wedding photography team. 

Again, the sooner you know the details, the sooner your should tell us so that we can get everything in order.

Are you returning any payment/retainers because of Covid-19?

Don't be scared. We have a non-refund policy in our contracts. However that is a good thing for you. That means that you will have a photographer at your wedding no matter what. I have accepted your wedding. I am responsible for being at your wedding and capturing the best possible moments for you. I hope you are still excited about getting married to your one and only!

What if you get sick? What if we are sick?

Right now getting the covid-19 is not a what if, but a matter of when. Hopefully you and I can be one of the few that avoid it, but it is more than likely going to happen.  

Let's play the what if. If I get the virus, my goal is to get better and still be there for you. If I am unable to capture your photos, I will immediately talk with my second photographer. If I think I am ill, or showing symptoms, I will let you know. Also, I am always in a mask.

For the safety of all, I will keep a 3'-5' distance and will not touch anyone. I thankfully stand 10+ feet from my subjects anyway. I ask that you do the same. 

If you are getting any symptoms at all, a cough, a fever, an itchy throat, tell me immediately. I have several people that are high risk and I can not be the one to contract it and spread it to them.

If you get the virus, I hope and pray you heal and have minimal pain. Once you are better we will chat about what the next steps are that we can all take.


No matter what happens in the coming weeks, we are staying positive and healthy. If something should arise, please let us know with an email, or phone call. Even a text of setting up a phone call is better than nothing.

We are being as flexible at this time and we hope that you are willing to work with us as well. We  still have the ultimate goal of capturing your memories. We simply ask that everyone does their part and puts the health of each other above that.

Best Wishes! Crystal Horton.

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