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See Why Crystal Horton Photography Offers a One of a Kind Collection for You and Your Wedding Photographs


the treeline and a wedding kissthe treeline and a wedding kissafter the wedding vows, a bride and groom stand along a fall tree line with oranges, greens and a blue sky above

Stop Paying a Per Hour Fee!

Invest in the moments you want captured, not the hours someone is at your wedding.

It needs to be said, capturing the perfect wedding photograph is a must for any professional in the industry. So then ask yourself, why is it that you should pay for a photographers time? Shouldn't you pay for the moments that are most important to you and your memories?

I’m passionate and dedicated to your entire wedding from the moment you book my photography experiences. Not only will I give you a personally unique experience, I keep in constant communication, I include ravishing, romantic, photographic memories, and every wedding package includes a hand designed keepsake.


Why Don't I see Hours?

Are you stuck choosing a cheap photographer who will be there all day, or a high quality photographer for only a few hours? Why not invest in an all day photographer who will focus on the moments that are the most important to you?

Rather than pricing your wedding by the hour, I offer a one-of-a-kind, wonderful, and unique experience.

You get EVERY image captured on your wedding day no matter what option you fall in love with. That's because I'm focused on what moments you want me to capture for you on that day. It might sound strange, but when you see the popular packages below, it will become clear.


Contact me if you see something that fits your wedding expectations. Due to the 2020 Covid year, dates are limited.




kissing at sunset as husband and wifekissing at sunset as husband and wifefinal romantic photograph of the wedding day, a bride and groom stand in a field of greens as a cloudy blue orange sunset dances behind them


The Luxury Wedding Experience 

For Couples Who Understands the best Wedding Experience is Exclusive and Lives on through the Best Wedding Keepsakes and Memorbilia.

Is your wedding one of the most important investments? This option, Luxury Wedding Experience, is perfect for you if want to squeeze out every drop of enjoyment from your memories. This experience includes:

  • Engagement Session: Free, Optional, & up to 2Hrs
  • Wedding Day Master Photographer, Lighting Assistant, and Second Photographer
  • Getting Ready Moments: Bride & Maids, plus the Groom & Men
  • Wedding Details: Rings, Veil, Dress, Cufflinks, and More
  • First Look (As always Optional)
  • Bridal Portraits/Groom Portraits
  • Bridal Party Photographs
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Family Formals
  • Bride & Groom Alone (pre-reception)
  • Reception: From Grand Entrance all through the end with a Large Group moment
  • Final Romantic Bride & Groom Moment
  • All Digital Keepsakes Engagement & Wedding 
  • Hand Design Wedding Album
  • $200 Canvas Wall Art allowance




last detail wedding earringlast detail wedding earringthe bride receives her last detail of rhinestone earrings before capturing photos with her maids

The Deluxe Wedding Experience 

A Balanced Collection of Keepsakes and a Wedding Experience that Deserve a Spotlight in Your Home.

You've probably been in a friends home and saw a wall of canvases and framed memories and knew how much they appreciated professional photography and their wedding investment? When you want to get the right amount of captured moments, and be able to share them throughout your home, this is what I recommend for you. This experience can be customized to any wall of your home and includes the following:  

**Most Popular Experience!**

  • Engagement Session (Optional)
  • Wedding Day Photographer and Assistant
  • Getting Ready Moments for Bride & Maids or Bride & Groom
  • Wedding Details (Bride's & Groom's ect.)
  • First Look (Optional If you want)
  • Bridal Portraits/Groom Portraits
  • Photos of Bride & her Maids and the Groom & his Men.
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Family Formal collection
  • Bride & Groom Alone (pre-reception)
  • Reception: From Grand Entrance, Toasts, First Dances, Cake Cutting, and a Large group moment on the dance floor
  • Final Romantic Bride & Groom Moment
  • All Digital Keepsakes from Wedding Day
  • Hand Designed Wedding Album
  • $200 towards an Additional Printed Keepsake




perfect paper flower bouquetperfect paper flower bouquetBride wanted a unique handmade paper flower bouquet keepsake. Flowers are pink brown and white.

The Sweetheart Wedding Experience

A Sweet Taste of a Professional Wedding Photography Experience and a Breathtaking Collection of Memories and Keepsakes.

When it comes to your favorite moments in time, your wedding will be one. You get to enjoy the experience of your wedding photography, and the keepsakes will fall into place when you see the online teasers and gallery. This experience can be customized to any wall of your home and includes the following:

  • Engagement Session (Optional)
  • Wedding Day Photographer and Photographer's Assistant
  • Getting Ready Moments of Bride Only
  • Detail Photo of Ring, Bouquet, Dress, & Shoes
  • Bridal Portraits/Groom Portraits
  • Large Group Bridal Party Moment
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Formal Family Photos of you and your Immediate Family Member
  • Bride & Groom Alone (pre-reception)
  • Reception: From Grand Entrance, Toasts, First Dances, Cake Cutting & All Guests on Dance floor
  • Final Romantic Bride & Groom Moment
  • All Digital Keepsakes from Wedding Day
  • Hand Designed Wedding Album




red and gray bridal partyred and gray bridal partybride and groom kiss as the bridal party, dressed in red and gray colors, smily with happiness

The Simple Wedding Experience

Get only the most Important Memories with an All Day Photographer. Not Investing too much, but just enough for Your Ideal Combination of Wedding Moments and a Priceless Wedding Keepsake.

This is specially designed for the couple who knows their wedding is important part of their home life but they don't need all the Bells and Whistles. Focus on what is most important. This wedding experience I designed for you and your fiance includes:

  • Wedding Day Photographer and Assistant
  • Detail Photo of Ring, Bouquet, Dress, & Shoes
  • Portrait of the Bride, Portrait of the Groom
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Group shot of the Bridal Party
  • Formal Family Photographs of Bride and Groom with each side of the Family
  • Plus One Large Family Group Photograph
  • Bride & Groom Alone (pre-reception)
  • Reception: Grand Entrance, Toasts, First Dances, Cake Cutting and end with all Guests on the dance floor for a big group photograph.
  • Final Romantic Bride & Groom Moment
  • All Digital Keepsakes from your Wedding Day
  • Small 8" Wedding Album
  • (Engagement Session additional cost)



If you want to AVOID hiring a lack luster photographer, who gives you a photography experience like everyone else, reach out to me. Send me your Wedding Date so you can be one of my limited 30 weddings for 2021. (2020 is all booked out)


I have answers some popular questions over on my Captivating Weddings Photography FAQ

You can also email me a quick question directly; just click:  "I Have a Quick Questions" and contact page should open.


wedding Bands at the receptionwedding Bands at the receptiona bridal ring set sits gently upon a grooms wedding band, with candles flickering in the background at a wedding reception Bridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBride in white lace gown, holding her boquet of roses and eucalyptus, standing at a brick corner of a church classic white wedding cakeclassic white wedding cakea classic white wedding cake with three teirs an a black bow sitting on a cake stand with rain fall rhinestones.

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