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We Offer 'One of a Kind Collections' for couples like you, who are devoted to their wedding memories.


the treeline and a wedding kissthe treeline and a wedding kissafter the wedding vows, a bride and groom stand along a fall tree line with oranges, greens and a blue sky above


Before you see what we offer, couples like you should know:


Your Wedding Celebration is an Experience not an Hourly Rate.

If someone asked you: "Why is photography company A worth more than photography company B?", how would you answer that?

You should know a photographer can absolutely have more experience with photographing weddings, capture award winning photos, but give you the worst feelings in the world and you regret your beautiful memories because of how they treated and respected this chapter in your life.

A photographer's pretty photo doesn't automatically make them "the best photographer".

Do not leave your wedding photography in the hands of someone with a good hourly rate, rather find someone who has a captivating wedding experience.



Couples who consider their photographs to be important deserve what we have.

Our wedding photography packages

The couples who select us, have help conceive our packages through asking questions and adapting to the way weddings should be remembered.

We have 4 popular packages and they are almost exactly as they sound:

  • Simple
  • Sweetheart
  • Deluxe
  • Luxury


What is included in each package?

Every couple who comes to us deserves respect, quality, and high professionalism. All our packages reflect this idea. Every package (or experience as we call them) is malleable so that you can get exactly what you and your fiance desire while investing the amount that best suits your needs.

Here is what is included with EVERY experience:

  • Professional Photographer who is focused on your Experience. (up to 8 hours)
  • Photographer's lighting assistant/aid. (matches photographer's time)
  • A wide selection of wedding moments to focus on. (We discuss this at your consultation).
  • Constant communication from the moment you book us till keepsake delivery.
  • Digital Keepsakes (no maximum or minimum).
  • An Included Bonus Option (you get to select.)


I just want a numeric price, where is it?

If you are looking for exact pricing here, please know that you won't find it.

And Why not?!?!

Are you a couple who looks at your future? Makes quality decisions?

Do you plan for the years to come, rather than the now and today?

Forward thinking couples like you, focus on making sure you can trust and rely on your photographer(s).


After all, this is your wedding photography experience.

We will absolutely give every number, detail, and logistical calculation that you and your fiance need to plan your wedding day. Simply have a complimentary consultation, including a free hot drink, and share what you expect us to do for your wedding photography experience.


And That's it. We give you everything You Need.


Remember: Our couples want to experience their wedding through the entire wedding celebration and every year after. Our couples know we are not a typical wedding photography service found in Dayton or Cincinnati.

This is how you begin your Wedding Photography Experience.


If every fiber of your body believes you deserve the most meaningful experience for your wedding memories, share your wedding details HERE and schedule a Complimentary Consultation.



AVOID hiring a minimum photographer. Send us your Wedding Date and we will share more details including exact pricing regarding our four (4) packages and experiences.

Read a few common questions other couples have on our Captivating Weddings Photography FAQ


wedding Bands at the receptionwedding Bands at the receptiona bridal ring set sits gently upon a grooms wedding band, with candles flickering in the background at a wedding reception Bridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBride in white lace gown, holding her boquet of roses and eucalyptus, standing at a brick corner of a church classic white wedding cakeclassic white wedding cakea classic white wedding cake with three teirs an a black bow sitting on a cake stand with rain fall rhinestones.

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