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Eliminating your doubt and earning your full trust.

Your dress being torn. The cake falling over. Your fiance leaving you at the alter. These are all viable fears you just have to hope don't happen. Thankfully, the fears that most of my clients have had, with their photography experience and keepsakes, are lifted away when they can clearly see how passionate I am for their wedding and their invaluable keepsakes.

Here are a few common questions my clients have had and what my solutions are for those fears.

You should fully trust your photographer, their company ethics, and your investment. You should know, when I am your photographer, I am standing with you, for you, in your corner, and ready the moment you call upon me.


Paper flowers for boutonnieres in pinksPaper flowers for boutonnieres in pinkswedding details of handmade paper flowers for the boutonnieres and corsages in 2 shades of soft pink

How can I be sure that my wedding photographs and keepsakes will last for a lifetime?

Nothing in life is completely certain, except taxes and death. Everyone knows this. But what about your wedding memories and keepsakes. Digital files can be gone in a split second. Malware and viruses. Storms that send power surges. Accidental deletion. Even hackers. Couples have forgotten that a canvas on your wall, or an album on your shelf is still one of the best investments that can guarantee your wedding memories last even longer than a life time. The albums, wall art, and other investment keepsakes I have to offer you, will stand the test of time. They have special finishes like, UVA/UVB resistant coating so they won't fade in the normal room sunlight, and even fingerprint resistant coating!


Will my wedding album be a cheap, messy, throw together of every image?

Absolutely not! Your album should not be a mud pit of your images. It should be a show case of the best time of your life. Too often a photographer wants to be done with you, and will throw any and all images into a pre-made template from some online printing company. You are investing too much of your time, money, and emotions into this wedding for that unsatisfactory result.

My albums, canvas wall art,  and other keepsakes have been hand designed in a way that lets each of the best moments from your wedding shine. My goal is that when you look back, specifically at your albums, you will see the time and emotions that were meant to be relived over and over again. You wedding album, is the story of your new beginning.

the ceremony begins for the weddingthe ceremony begins for the weddingA traditional Catholic wedding ceremony in a stunning brick church, as the bride and groom stand at the alter waiting for a prayer

Is your wedding album really "custom designed"?

I get it, you know many couples can go online and drag and drop photos into a album template. You want to know that your investment into such a keepsake is of great quality. I knew before I even launched my company that all of my clients deserve a design that best shows their wedding memories. I not only hand designed all of my own in house templates, but I also will modify the template based on the images that were captured at your wedding. Imagine that! The album that I designed for your wedding will have unique points, just as your wedding does, and just as your relationship is!

Do your printed wall art and canvases have a good quality?

I know what it's like to get your favorite moment printed, to only see that the sun faded it just after a year of having it in it's frame. Well, mine was a gift. I didn't choose where it was printed. Many photographers who don't appreciate your memories and desires will deliver your memories on less than acceptable paper.

All of the wall art and printed keepsakes I deliver to you, have a fade resistant coating on them. Plus, for your canvas wall art, they only need a light dusting wand for care. No harsh chemicals needed.

In addition to the quality of the materials themselves, I have all the keepsakes delivered to my office to reexamine and quality check that the printing job was done correctly.


romantic kissing silhouetteromantic kissing silhouettebride and groom, under the veil, in a silhouette photo, get a romantic kiss in the forst of ceder springs pavilion in tipp City Ohio
Do all of your photography experiences include a printed keepsake?

Every couple getting married, deserves a wedding album to tell their story. Time is against you with barely enough to take care of your family, kids, pets, or even yourself. On top of all that you do in a day, you now are planning a wedding. Your time is precious. As I also mentioned, most photographers want to simply take your money, capture your photos, deliver digitals, and then be done with you. They are leaving you with the responsibility to search for a quality printer, to spend days or weeks designing a wedding album, and hopefully end up with a life long keepsake, before your anniversary.

It is my pleasure to devote time to design your albums and canvas wall art. That is why every wedding photography experience with me includes a minimum of a wedding album. Of course you don't have to stop there. The experiences are created to your needs, be it a large family wall print, or a breathtaking canvas wall art.


How do we customize an option/experience we want?

Everyone has different ideas. Every couple has different dreams for their wedding. Some couples need a little guidance into finding what experience and keepsakes work the best for them. So how do you customize it?

After you have see the respect and passion I have for you and your wedding, we will set up a phone call to get more details about each other. Then based on what you have shared with me, I get to share with you some options. When you like one of our wedding experiences, we work with together to make sure that you are receiving exactly what you are wanting. And don't worry, we can discuss multiple options for you to simmer over. 


kiss between the runskiss between the runsengagement photograph of couple kissing on the other side of an old wooden ladder run Is your Engagement session really free, or is there a fee?

Too often, in today's world, when you see the word free, you immediately assume something will be attached to it. Some sort of a catch or exception. I don't believe a free engagement session should have a hidden fee. The engagement session that is found in your photography experience is free and optional. I highly recommend them because it gives you a taste of how well we will work together, and get you more excited for the engagement stage. 

Not only that, but wouldn't it be nice to see a keepsake, or canvas wall art, not in your wedding attire? Maybe a cute photo of you both sipping coffee, you and your Brady bunch family, or you and your pups? That is why I include, and recommend, an engagement experience with weddings.


Why do you only photograph 30 weddings a year?

Let me ask you a questions; Do you enjoy being at a restaurant that is super busy? Probably not. Your drink usually ends up empty, you are asked questions as the worse times, and even if you are thinking about dessert, you decide you just want your check and to leave.

The same feeling can happen if you select a photographer who takes on too many weddings in a year. The photographer doesn't get to know you. They skip a pre-wedding chat, assuming you will just tell them wedding details when you have time. On the wedding day, they barely say  50 words. Then after the wedding, you can't get them to respond or they take an extra long time to get you your gallery. Then to get the album, canvas, or prints, you feel as though it has been a year after. I have been told by brides and friends, "It took our photographer over 6 months just to see our photos they captured."

I myself will only photograph 30 weddings because you don't deserve what I described above. I know you expect me to be there for you, from this moment, till the moment after your wedding when your canvas is on your wall. You can take a breath knowing that I will be here every step of the way!

final touch with veil and momfinal touch with veil and momBride stands while delicate veil is pinned in her up-do by her mother

Avoid the long processes of eliminating a photographer who lacks passion. Share a few wedding details with me and see I have the dedication and hope you can be one of my limited 30 weddings for 2021.


Or head back over to the Prices, Experiences, and Keepsakes page to review some customizable options.


If you would like. I also took a little extra time on the following page and answered a few logistical concerns. We can obviously talk more about your specific concerns for your wedding day, photographs, and keepsakes.  I'm always just an email, phone call, or text away. 937-550-3133



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