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How long is the photography team at our wedding celebration?

Our team stays with you, through your entire wedding celebration, for up to 8 (eight) hours. No matter what experiential package you select, we respect your wedding experience enough to not rush your photographs, ever!

When does the photography team arrive at our wedding?

That depends on 2 main factors: when is your ceremony, and are you planning on capturing "getting ready" photographs?

We generally plan your ceremony happening at approximately the 3rd/4th hour of the photography team being there. That way we can capture a some getting ready shots and still get all the important reception celebration moments.


Is your Photographer's Assistant/Aid a second shooter/photographer?

No, this is a specially trained individual who helps the photographer get the correctly lighting, handle the gear and equipment, as well as check each of the details while photographs are being taken.

Checking the details is being a second set of hands and eyes. They can help spot a garbage can in the background, fix the brides dress if it's caught, or even move random bags sitting on the floor.


Do you have a backup photography team?

Of course we do! Post pandemic, it is no surprise you would ask this questions. We feel couples should have been asking this question years before, but we are happy you are asking now.


Do we get all the images the photographer(s) capture?

Yes you do. Best part about our wedding photography experience is that we don't want you to feel any lack luster. So there is no minimum or maximum of the number images you receive. If we present 100, you receive 100, if we present 9,000, you receive 9,000.


How long does it take to receive our precious memories?

We never, ever, ever, rush your memories. Too often we hear, it looks sloppy and we felt rushed (especially on the wedding day). However we like to estimate that without knowing how many memories we will capture on your wedding day, remember we don't have a minimum or a maximum, we try to have them back to you in no more than 12 weeks.

Keep in mind that the time of year can effect this as well as the quantity of moments captured. A wedding in fall or winter, has to wait through all the holiday's our office and teams celebrate at the end of the year.


How do we proceed with reserving your photography team for our wedding celebration?

After you have set up a complimentary consultation, and you trust us to deliver an extraordinary experience, you simply need to select a package/experience, place a retainer for our photography team, and sign a contract. That's it.


If we are out of town and can't meet you in person, then what?

We still require to meet with you to insure that we are not being scammed. But we simply sent you one of our "schedule event" forms to your email, and you can simply tell us, or remind us, that you are out of town and we will set up a zoom or skype meeting.



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