Why You Need a Wedding Day Itinerary

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How to have a Smooth Wedding Day Series

Why You Need a Wedding Day Itinerary

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Are we at the brink of wedding season yet? Spring & Fall are the typical peek seasons for weddings, at least for me. Do you believe you are in your busy season? Work? Family? Kids? Vacations? Umm, wedding planning? Then you need to know how to make sure your wedding day is smooth. Design a wedding day itinerary.

Did you groan? Roll your eyes? Did you laugh? Think I'm crazy? To be honest with you, when it comes to your wedding day, an itinerary can make a difference. Your day could stay on course or fall to utter chaos.


When you have a wedding day itinerary, you will get more captured photographs.

You will get more candid images and laughs. You will be able to enjoy more of the moments and spend less time directing. Even less time answering questions.


Surprise. most successful weddings have a wedding itinerary. It's usually designed by a wedding planner, but none the less. An itinerary is present.


"But Crystal, why? Why could this help my wedding be more enjoyable?"

  • It helps everyone know when and where to be.
  • It gives answers to questions that you don't need want to answer.
  • It keeps the processional vendors in check.
  • It simply gives you a peace of mind.


Successful people are successful because they know time is money. So if you are spending money on your wedding, then you should be enjoying that time. Don't spend money, to have to work on your wedding day.


Think about this:


“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution;” -Brian Tracy

The average wedding is around 12 hours long. That includes the setting up reception hall and doing hair and make up. It includes eating a lunch, capturing photos, and even the clean up after the reception.


The math is: 12 hours times 60 minuets. 720 minuets. Divided by 10 minuet increments. Totaling an hour and a half to plan out your wedding day.


Can you carve out one and a half hours to guarantee that minor wedding hiccups are already solved. And yes every wedding will have stress and or a hiccup.


Hiccup Example. Absolutely everything was at the wedding. Nothing was out of place. People were on time and the bride was ready. Decorations were hung, food was prepped. I needed to capture a photo of the rings. Suddenly no one could find the rings. This was a traditional catholic wedding. The photo was not important because the rings are blessed by the pastor/priest/father. No rings, no blessing.


Still not convinced you need an itinerary?

If you are trying to do one thing, and someone is freaking out about something different, you can't think. You brain is unable to do those two things at once. Most people will shut down and stop thinking.


A real bride who didn't have an itinerary.

One of my brides refused to create "rain plan". She told me she didn't need one. She said if she doesn't think about rain, it won't rain. Farmer's Almanac said, no rain for the last 2 years.


To her surprise it poured all over her outdoor ceremony and the decorations. Everyone was rushing around trying to find and create a spot to move the wedding to. The bride was balling her eyes in the corner saying "it wasn't suppose to rain."


For almost 40min I was unable to photograph the bride. Every time she was almost done clearing her red eyes, someone would bring up another rain issue. She would begin to cry again.


You may not know how to design a wedding day itinerary, so here I am to help you. First of all you should ultimately hire a wedding planner. There are too many reasons to list, but I have that link here. If you refuse to hire an experienced planner, then here is a quick way to design a very basic wedding day itinerary, or even just use this. Remember this is very basic and was not designed for your wedding. 


Best of luck and may you enjoy every captured photograph from your wedding experience.

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