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By | Crystal Horton Photography


A Stunning and Unique Wedding Venue to Host Your Wedding

Keys to the safeKeys to the safeOld keys to the safety boxes at the Windamere

Chase by a windowChase by a windowOne of the balconies at the windamere. A classy chaiase sits under a window.

Have you heard the rumor? Have you seen the photos? Did you visit the venue?


The hidden diamond I share here is The Windamere. It's like finding a bottle of forgotten red wine in your basement. Unless you walk through it, my photos can't do it justice. It's a old bank turned wedding and event venue. I promise you won’t need to look any further after your first visit.

Located in Middletown, Ohio, The Windamere Event Venue & Art Gallery, is the spot to visit. The building has battled the sands of time. It's on its second rebirth. This piece of land, this mark on history, is not giving up so easily.


Mica is the owner, and is a great pairing with this venue. She is professional, fun, and personable. On top of that she is knowledgeable and she has some great connections. Those connections will tie your entire wedding in the best bow.

I love my photos, but let me tell you, this venue is even better in person. Set up a time to go see it! This venue is the best for getting the very unique accent for your wedding.

The windamere ceilingThe windamere ceilingThe very high ceilings at the windamere. Perfect for a unique wedding experience.

It has dual balconies, a bridal and grooms room, and an old safe where drinks get served. The safe is my personal favorite.

A Little History

Private Windamere balconyPrivate Windamere balconyAnother photo of the bridge groom private balcony.


The Windamere's history goes over 100 years in the past. Back to the 1800’s to be exact. The Windamere started as a log cabin. In 1847, the log cabin became a general store.

Funny bit, the store became a small safety box for farmers. The owners held spare money and precious personal items. This is because the owner had a super great safe for the times.

Reflection of Table decorReflection of Table decorThe windamere has so many beautiful angles. This is looking at a reflection in the glass of the safe. The owners saw this opportunity and the general store developed into a bank in 1889. In 1929 the building got a massive makeover. That is what we now see standing.

From 1971-2001, Bank One bought the business and continued to run as a full functioning bank. Soon a great run, was turning into the last inning.

In 2001 Chase Bank bought the company but shut the doors for good. They believed the building to be too old. They determined it to be unfit as a bank. But this building is a historical site. The upgrades needed to keep it as a functional bank would be too exhausting in a financial aspect.


The End? Reception tables at WindamereReception tables at WindamereBeautiful tables for a reception at the windamere

This is the building that would stay empty and dormant for years. This building that stood strong, that stood ever long, had a good run and was ready to sleep a good long sleep.


Not Today!

Hello Mica! Strong and intelligent. This woman, has always had a yearning for more from life. You can't help but draw into her smile when you see her. You want to know what she knows. You want to talk and laugh with her.

After working in the corporate world, she dove head first into weddings. Again though, in the wedding world, she worked under someone. After trying to share her knowledge, no one would listen. So before getting herself into any other moments of frustration she went on the hunt. What else would a strong intelligent woman do in her case.


Your Hidden Treasure Awaits


Windows at the WindamereWindows at the WindamereFloor to ceiling windows at the windamere.

Mica happened upon the Windamere. She gazed upon the details of crown molding and the wooden teller stations. Her eyes followed along the single wall of windows, which reached all the way to the ceiling.

Oh and the ceiling! Let me attempt to fill your mind with just how powerful and graceful this building is. It feels as if there is no ceiling. It is completely open.

Safety deposit boxesSafety deposit boxesSafety deposit boxes in the Windamere's historical bank safe. If you think it can't get better. It can. The giant safe filled with old fashion deposit boxed. It stayed secret and hidden within the four walls of the building for the last 17+ years.

Again I could go on, and on, and share more about the Groom's "Stag Room" or the elegant bridal room and balconies. Truth is, you need to go see this venue and book it. If you aren't too late, you will have the most unique wedding venue. You and your guests will be talking about it for years.

You need to set up an appointment with the Windamere HERE .



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A special thanks

Mica; Thank You! You allowed me the privilege of hearing the history of your spectacular venue. I learned so much about it and can never stop bragging about it's beauty. You gave me an insight of what it took to get you where you are today. Your building is nothing short of being stunning and grand.



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