9 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Planner

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9 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner



Let me get this right off my my chest and say, NO!. You do not need a wedding planner. Anyone who says you NEED to hire one is thinking with their mind, situations, and experiences.


The answer for you comes with a slight stipulation. While you don’t NEED a planner, most brides would agree to some extent. After their wedding, a planner would have been helpful. I recommend every bride I photograph, consider the option.


Every day, someone gets the idea that they should jump head first into the wedding industry. Planners are no exception to the mold. Newbies assume since they coordinated a birthday, or helped a friends wedding, they can do it as a job. They might have the skills. But are you willing to risk your wedding day? Everyone has to start somewhere, and good competition is healthy for the market.


Your not here to decide if a new planner is who you should hire. You want to know if you should invest some of your wedding finances in an experienced planner.


Why should I pay someone to plan my wedding?


A survey done by WeddingWire.com found the average wedding cost $29,000. Not including ring and honeymoon cost. They also calculated these numbers on over 18,000 weddings.


When you write that first check for your planner, you are not paying for them to only be present at your wedding. You are paying for their expertise, the professionalism, their referrals, and other skills.


Could you ask your aunt or co worker to help? Yes. They can direct vendors, help guests, and decorate tables. But, what happens if a vendor decides not to show? A caterer prepared the wrong dish. The venue doesn't have enough tables and refuses to comply.


Anyone can come up with a solution if it comes to it. But why add that stress to someone or risk them passing that stress onto you? You should enjoy your wedding day.


Lets count down the top 9 reasons why you might need a wedding planner.


9. You want your family to be present not working

Let's be real. Wedding professionals exist because there is a need for their skills. You wouldn't ask your doctor to replace the alternator in your car. Same goes for family. They have skills, but they aren't the same.


Too many times, brides have had sad experiences where their "helper" wasn't helping. popular excuses were, "I have/had to get ready.", "I wanted to eat too.", and "I didn't know what to do.".


Family should enjoy the celebration. They should be present in the photos. They should laugh, cry, dance, and party with you. You have been planning this for a few months now, let a professional take over.


8. Back up and experience in the field

Yes, this is a huge big deal personally. Not only does a true planner know what to expect, but they absorb the stress for you. I watched an entire box of wine get shattered mid reception. The planner didn't blink. They sent an assistant to buy more wine, and the party was none the wiser.


Not only do they know how to fix a situation the moment it happens, but they have back ups. Let's say your DJ friend donates their services. Morning of, they are not answering their phone and are now 2 hours late. Planners have a whole network of professionals to reach out to. Yes, I've seen this happen too.


And in case you were wondering, no these aren't "cheap weddings". This stuff happens to any wedding. No one can predict the future, but experience allows preparation and readiness.


7. Honest Unbiased Opinions

Haven’t you ever been at the store and liked a pair of pants. Did a friend start bashing them and sway your decision? If not pants, then food, or colors of paint, or even soap? Then, why would you risk your dream wedding becoming someone else's?


My own wedding is an example here. I allowed for my bridal party to decide the dress length, even though both my husband and i had decided to go long. It's a silly dress, maybe. But it's my wedding memories that I am reminded of every time I look at my album.


A wedding planner is unbiased. They don’t care what colors you want, what theme you like, or if your wedding cake matches the celebration. They are there to coach you and help you filter through all possible options.


Not to mention, they are going to do what you want because they work for you. They would love a referral from you or a high rated review so why would they screw up.


Also, planners have seen so many weddings, they have an honest opinion and real options. They can help your vision come to life while staying in your budget.


6. Keeping your budget in mind

Oh look at that. Budget! I don’t care if you are a hot to trot movie star or a down to earth science teacher, everyone has a wedding budget in mind.


One of the very first weddings I was part of had the perfect storm. I watched the couple hire an "aspiring" event coordinator/ wedding planner. No experience, no reviews, no background in weddings. Only scheduling caterers and event rooms for the executives was on her resume.


Cue the budget. The couple had a strict budget and idea for their decor. By the end of the wedding, the couple had over $600 worth of "stuff" they had to return to the stores. Sad reality, after the wedding, several receipts went missing.


You are less likely to go over your budget with a planner. They also understand if you say your dress is more important than your centerpieces. They are not going to design $80 centerpieces for 18 tables.


5. Constant Contact (Or almost)

Everyone gets busy. It's a fact of life. People today are more busy then they ever have been. It’s a planner’s job to keep you up to date


The first several months of wedding planning are quite slow and easy going. The value of a planner arises come the last 6 months. Give or take. Vendors start needing decisions. Payments get mailed. Trial runs, meetings and more are all colliding onto your calendar.


Again, que your planners help.


Unless you booked a "day of only" planner, they will be sending you emails monthly or bi weekly. They will also have phone calls or meetings ready to set up with you. Again, it's their job to remember.


4. On the same page

Think about your schedule. You have family stuff, parent stuff, and work stuff. You have girlfriend time, tv time, guy time, and personal time. Add in to that wedding vendors and meetings. Oh and don't forget, they have the same stuff happening in their life and work.


A wedding planner talks to everyone. They set appointments and confirm appointments. They make sure everyone is where they need to be and when they need to be there.


Your planner gets the vendors on the same page. Example: grandma has a wheel chair and may be late. Your planner will inform everyone who needs to know that!


3. Timelines are the Lifelines at a wedding

It is no exaggeration. Even if not followed to the T, a timeline is so very important. Every wedding I've photographed, except 1, has run behind. The ones with no timeline, were a hot mess and everyone was everywhere. Dinner was late, videographer missed part of the ceremony. And, the reception hall was not decorated or unlocked on time.


Try tearing a bride away from decorating tables, when she needs to be getting her make up done!


2. Are we having fun yet?

Your wedding day should be about love and having fun. You are going to marry your best friend. Start a life together. You are going to look across the room and see friends getting ready. You will see the reception floor full of laughs and dancing.


Don't do what I did. I choose not to hire a planner because of money and relied on the venue coordinator. Who didn't show till the end to "lock the doors".


I had to pick up my own cake. I had to decorate my own reception hall, with 4 helpers. I had to direct my own vendors. I had to go to the store because someone forgot the seating chart. Then after my makeup, someone forgot the bag of hair supplies and there was only 5 bobby pins total.


1. Keeping the drama in check

Weather to rubber neck, or to get involved, human nature is to get pulled into drama. Traffic jams on the highway, and the accident is on the other side of the barrier. People want to know who, what, where, when, why, and how. Why do you think reality tv is so popular?


Drama has no place at a wedding. A wedding planner is the go to person for this. from family issues, to vendors struggles, the planner is the middle ground. They will find the best solution and only involve you if it requires it.


Why is this so important and my number one spot? Because, if a bride is angry or crying sad tears, I can’t do my job. If I can’t do my job, couple's, like yourself, won’t get the beautiful, majestic images you hired me for. And no one wants to look back through their wedding album and see themselves screaming. Thy don't want to remember the terrible moments that made them break out in hives. Stress happens, and again, if you have gotten anything, I hope it's that a wedding planner is invaluable.


Now let's ask the question again:

Do you NEED a wedding planner?


Ultimately, it's your day, your budget, and decision.


A wedding happens fast. You should sit back, relax and let someone else run the day exactly how you want it run.


If you are hesitant about hiring a planner, take that as a hint from your gut that you NEED a wedding planner.


Follow me here to What questions to ask a wedding planner if you want to simply read through them or..

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