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As a request by one of my readers (Special Thanks to Charlie Smith), I am here with a delicious blog. This is popular, stunning, yet expensive idea. You may have even crossed this idea at another wedding. I'm talking about a CANDY BAR.


It's seen in movies. Photographed in Magazines. Showcased in Hollywood. Candy Bars have been and still are popular.

The trick is how to do it at an effective cost. Well Here are a few options for you!


Rent your glassware.

Truth is, the glassware is one of the most expensive parts of the sweet treats display. And the down fall is, you are only going to use those vessels once. Okay, twice if the holiday season comes around and you remember. To keep this detail budget friendly, rent your glassware. Don't rent from a stranger though. They don't have to meet any requirements like a company.

There are a few places in Dayton, Ohio that have this option. One place is call Prime Time Party Rental. You can get your whole wedding there. The other favorite is a wedding planner. Angela's Premier Event Design. They have a stock pile of wedding details. Some of which are glass vessels for a candy bar.

My favorite part is that you set up, enjoy the beauty, then return. No figuring where to store it, reselling it, or worst, forgetting about it in storage boxes.


Weddings 2017

Re-purpose the glassware.

You have to buy the really fancy style. No one is judging. Consider reusing the vases and jars. If you know that you are going to need to decorate your home, select styles and sizes that you will reuse. Need something for your bathroom bath salts, cotton balls, or tooth supplies? What about your guest room need a candle holder? Does your kitchen need some colorful noodles?

If you know you are going to do some homemade gifts this coming year, it bakes sense to buy stuff. They look great for Baby showers, Christmas parties, or birthdays.


Don't buy glass.

Awww. I want to see the pretty colors and textures. Yes that is nice. But again, if what you want is a candy bar, and you have limited funds, something's go to give. Consider getting cute buckets, barrels, tins, wooden vessels, even Shadow boxes. Hey consider that as a great re-purpose. Shadow boxes filled with colors and photos and sweet treats! Plus you can put wedding photos and memorabilia in them.


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Fake it. Premake it.

No don't go buy plastic balls, beads, or fake food to fill the vases. What I mean is pre-make portions. Buy the minimal amount of decorative candy, enough to fill the vases at different heights. Include enough to portion out servings. 

First, Then fill your vessels to make them photographic ready. Step two, pre-portioned treat bags so that you know the cost per bag. Guests always take extra of the expensive treats, like kit-kat versus sweet tarts. It's a little extra work, but you know guests (and sugar high kids) tend to scoop heavy hand. That adds up fast.  Also, remember, use colorful treat bags and ribbon to match your theme.

Now when setting up at the wedding, set the beautiful display to your liking, add a few pieces of tape or elmer's glue to the lids, and all the treat bags up front. Then a lovely little sign that says something like:

"We love that you're here to wish us well and eat,

So please take one and enjoy our sweet little treat."


Shop in advance.

If you know immediately that you want a candy bar at your wedding, start shopping now. Candy lasts. You can get some things on clearance. And because of the chocolate or sugar coatings the insides will stay sealed.

Also, if you do buy early, get a large container and several bags and triple seal the candy. This will insure the candy is as fresh as it can be. And if you have the ability, place them on a shelf in the basement. That way they will not have hot and cold temperature changes. If you don't have a basement, put in a plastic box, in the bottom of your pantry, labeled "save for wedding".


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Homemade. It's still the best.

Home made candies. Some of them are a lot easier than you would imagine! Can you say Candy Chocolate Bark? Ummmm, Chocolate dipped pretzels. Ever had a Chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in nuts or sprinkles? Snowball cookies (AKA Mexican Wedding Cookies) are a good luck treat. Bite Sized Sugar cookies (Shape of a heart of course). Maybe skip the almonds unless you want that 5 almond tradition. I personally have made peppermint candy bites because I can't eat dairy. Super easy and sooo refreshing. My notes: go easy on the extracts and don't make candy when it's raining. Humidity fluctuation messes with candy some how.


If I were shopping today for my candy bar, what would I do?


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Coupons. No I'm not a crazy coupon lady. I do know how to shop. First, I look at the clearance sections. Then I move to what coupons are available, it's a smart way to shop. Plus if I know I need a new vessle for decoration, I try to multi purpose, and re-use. example: a cotton ball jar for the bathroom can hold quite a few Life Saver Mints.


Facebook Groups. I hate facebook, but it has it's perks. Finding a wedding second hand group is so beneficial. Not only can you buy items that at a once time use, but you can resell to that exact group.


Online shopping. Even though I am dairy free now, most of my guests aren't. Look at places like oriental trading company. amazon. bulk candy. It is a great way to get a good deal for the amount you need.


Buy smart. Photos look pretty with wrapped mints and chocolate turtles, it's not cost friendly. Consider the most cost effective options. For my own wedding, I bought sixlets (which are gluten free!!). I lost my job, so I couldn't splurge, but if I could have I would have. Budget friendly ideas are skittles, chocolate chips, honey roasted nuts, butter mints, M&Ms, Candy sticks.


Homemade. I do a ton of things homemade. As I said I've done the peppermint patties, and they were delicious! I have also done chocolate covered oreos/cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. These are easy treats that look beautiful in candy jars. And if you really want to wow someone and use your wedding colors, do Chocolate bark. any chocolate, any pretzel/cracker, and any toppings. salty sweet is always a fun twist!


Weddings 2017

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