5 Reasons To Have Engagement Photos

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By | Crystal Horton Photography


Most of couples who end up here wonder

"Do I really need to capture professional engagement photographs?".

Engagement to a firemanEngagement to a firemanengagement photograph of girl holding her fireman fiance while she looks at the camera

There comes a time in every couple's wedding planning when you get asked "Are you doing an engagement session?". You will have one of two feelings. You will have excitement wondering what you will wear. Or you will moan and reply with distastes. I promise it's not bad. If anything you will be very surprised how much fun you had and how much you love the photos. Unless you have an inexperienced photographer.

Don't feel bad if you are on the fence for an engagement session. I know the feeling. I didn't want one. Thanks to chance, I received a free session. My husband and I are so glad we did.

I'm here to help you. I have 5 reasons why you should have an engagement session. Even if you just aren't sure. I'm here to give you confidence that you are making the right decision. This is even better if you haven't found a professional to photograph your wedding.

Eden Park engagement photos kiss in the gazeboEden Park engagement photos kiss in the gazebo

5. Professional Photographs

Are you thinking this: 'Seriously? Do I really need a family photo? Won't I get one at the wedding?'

Yes, you should. But, there is a catch. Your photos, your beautiful professional photos will ALL be in wedding attire. The downfall with that is those photos will stand out like a sore thumb when mixed with other memories.

That leads be to this point. and During one of my photographer courses, the mentor stated this exact comment and I just melted.

"Consider this. Most couples have not had the luxury to hire a professional photographer." 

Have you had the chance to take photos expressing your fun, romantic, playful, love for each other?

Probably not. Most couples would rather buy a coffee every morning, or go to the movies. Then they regret not getting professional photos down the road. There is nothing wrong with that choice.

Instead, take advantage of capturing a fun engagement session as some bonus photos. These will look great on your wall!

Just before a kiss Dayton engagement session,Just before a kiss Dayton engagement session,

4. Comfort in front of the Camera

Still with me? Good! This second reason makes me giggle inside.

I am a photographer. But for good reason. I like being behind the camera. Not in front of it.

I do enjoy when I got to photograph someone who hates cameras or photos of themselves. No joke.

An engagement session will help you, or your fiance, get comfortable in front of the camera. It also will help you get to know how your photographer works with couples. I can spend 2 hours, or 30 min with a couple and in minuets they are relaxed and having fun.

It's never good to get to your wedding day and find that you feel lost during the private photos.

Imagine this: you are 30 minuets behind schedule. It's a super hot (or cold) day. You want outdoor photos. Rain is soon to come in. Your photographer is telling you how to stand with your fiance, but you have no idea what they want. And as hard as you try and every way you move, it seems wrong.

An engagement session will help avoid that terrible possibility.

Sharron woods engagement kissing aloneSharron woods engagement kissing alone

3. Formal Photos not in Your Wedding Clothes

Remember how I said you will capture formals at your wedding. And that is great. Do you want to see every one of your wedding formal up on your wall? Maybe. Would it not be more beautiful seeing a mix of two outfits, and wedding photos up on your walls?

Ummm, Yes. Yes it would! I'm a professional. Take my advice!

romantic pose Eden Park engagement photos, sunset momentromantic pose Eden Park engagement photos, sunset moment

2. Save the Date & Decorations

Are you an "on top of it" type of couple? Are you sending save the dates? You should. Do you know what design you want?

Consider doing something unique. Choose one of your stunning photos as a save the date image. If you tell your photographer that is what you want, they can capture a photo (or a few) to help this idea. True professionals understand negative space. We know how to frame images for save the dates.

Oregon district inspires love engagementOregon district inspires love engagement

1. Better Photographer Relationship

Not every photographer is going to be a fit. You will interview one who you love, but is way outside of your price. You will discover one who is way under your budget, but you don't trust. You may talk to one who you call to book, but they booked your wedding date 3  after you met.

Capturing engagement photographs allows you to learn more about your photographer. You may like what they said when you interviewed them. Get them behind a camera and they may be a very different person. They could be bossy, unresponsive, stoic, uncomfortable. Imagine that on your wedding day. not good.

Having a good relationship with your photographer is so important. That is why it is my number 1 on my 5 reasons.


What do you think about engagement photographs?

Are they worth their priceless memories?


Did I help do you feel better about an engagement session? Are you a little more excited for one?

So, hire your professional and very experienced photographer. Get your outfits selected. And, schedule that engagement session. Share the images.

Did I forget something? Do you think I should add or swap out a point? Let me know!

Remember: A wedding is one shot chance. Don't gamble with your wedding memories. Hire an experienced professional


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