Captivating Wedding Photography of Sarah and Jon Grice

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Relive a Wedding and be Inspired for your Ohio Wedding.

The Wedding of Sarah Tomashot & Jon Grice.


A Wedding will go on Among Covid-19

Weddings are joyous. They fill anyone who is present with hope for the future. This year, more than any, has proven tough. Witnessing two wonderful, amazing, people joining their lives together is a blessing. Through all the tough times, and all the hardships in our way, happiness prevails. It is hope that constantly brings us to wake the next morning. Of course, waking next to the person you love the most makes it an even better day!

A bride in a white dress, at the church, getting a first look with her father before the wedding ceremony            

Sarah & Jon Grice celebrated their wedding during the Covid-19 Pandemic. They knew there would be challenges, and there would be mountains to climb. But they knew no matter the situation brewing around them, their love is stronger. It’s the challenges in life that open the door to weakness. But it’s our support system, and our personal strength that gets us through these times.

Moment before CeremonyMoment before CeremonyBride wearing birdcage and pearls, bowing head, waiting for wedding ceremony to begin

Their wedding, once elaborate, was now simple. It was small, but that didn’t stop the excitement and celebration.


They were still able to have their wedding at the Kumler Chapel, in Oxford, Ohio. Family was as close as they could be with open hearts and tear filled smiles.


Once the wedding precession made their way down the aisle, the groom got his first glance at his soon to be wife. Water filled his eyes, and his heart, without questions, stopped for a moment. He knew right then, the outside world didn’t matter.


Vows exchanged. Rings given. And soon the family was smiling and still enjoying the celebration.



There was even enough space to do a wonderful group shot of the family units together, but still separate!

Kumler Church, oxford ohio       Bridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBridal portrait outdoor with brich church wallBride in white lace gown, holding her boquet of roses and eucalyptus, standing at a brick corner of a church            Pause for a kiss in the sunPause for a kiss in the sunafter a wedding, bride and groom kiss on a pathway with sunlight surrounding them   

Their reception dinner may not have been the one they envisioned. But, the food was decadent, mouthwatering, and flavorful. Steinkeller in Oxford, Ohio, helped to make the best out of the new requirements for the 2020 Covid-19 hurdle.


The food, devoured, and the beers, enjoyed, it was time to head to the backyard for a few more key wedding moments.

wedding Bands at the receptionwedding Bands at the receptiona bridal ring set sits gently upon a grooms wedding band, with candles flickering in the background at a wedding reception          Sweet Wedding Cake to cutSweet Wedding Cake to cutengraved cutting knife sits infront of a soft white buttercream cake decorated with three delicate flowers

Wedding details such as the Marquise engagement ring set sparkles with candles. The large, bridal bouquet, of Roses and eucalyptus and lambs ears was exceptionally captivating. And, the small tea light candles dancing around the delicate blue bouquets set the scene.

Most Grand Enterance for Bride and GroomMost Grand Enterance for Bride and GroomNewly wed bride and groom enter a backyard reception with string lights hung above them, and small firewords shooting up from the ground

Under a string of lights, the grand entrance brought sparks to the guests. Sparklers and fireworks always make for stunning, added bit of fun!


The first dance is a moment to always watch and never miss.

Sweet Wedding Cake to cutSweet Wedding Cake to cutengraved cutting knife sits infront of a soft white buttercream cake decorated with three delicate flowers         

If you’re missing wedding cake, eat a cupcake. And, take a moment to remember, the couple always enjoys a sweet kiss after cutting their cake!

Before getting the final dances and toasts a special photo is always welcomed. A photo with the new family. Yes their little dogg-o is in a tie!



Celebrating love doesn’t have to be a big showcase of light camera action. A wedding doesn’t need hundreds of guests to make it memorable or fun. The person you are choosing to spend you life with, is the only one that matters!


Congratulations to Sarah and Jon Grice. I hope the rest of this year gives you blessings and hope. Kiss each other every morning and remember to hold each other when times are bad and good!

sweet embrace of marriagesweet embrace of marriagea Bride and Groom gently hold each other in the center of Oxford University walkway   


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