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Product Review

The FURminator

"I'll be back" - The FRUminator!

Spring, Summer; No wait. Summer, Winter, Summer. If you live in Ohio, you know exactly what I am talking about. One minute we are enjoying a balmy 75 degrees with some beautiful sun shine and a light breeze, and now this week we are sitting in 50 degrees with icy rain and wind that is going to rip the Goosebumps right off of your arms. This is not what you want at all, but this is definitely not what you want if you are the wonderful parents of a fur baby. Yes the infamous "spring cleaning" typically comes with the removal of our furry children's fur under coat and this up down up down, is making it difficult. So I am here to show you a very amazing tool that I REFUSED to purchase for the longest time. I spent more money in off brands then I did if i would have just purchased this stinking tool right off the bat!

Let me give you a beautiful photo of both of my pets. A Long hair, Main Coon Cat mix, and a short haired black lab mix. So in this house you can't wear either white or black without seeing the results of undying love from the four legged sweet hearts.

 One spring day, I did what I always do and pulled out every single brush from our pet box and proceeded to hold the cat first and then the dog to brush out their under coat. I used a metal comb, a metal brush for course hair, I also had a rubber hand brush, a fine tooth brush and to top off all of the crazy utensils, I had an off brand of the brush I am going to share with you. This is silly I thought to myself, and did some investigating, to only decide that I was going to give in and just get the $50 brush. After finally waiting for shipping, because I found a special, the brush was in.

At first I tried it on the cat, because It was designated for long haired pets. After a few strokes I couldn't believe what I was seeing, chunks, I mean large thick chucks were coming off of him. I questioned if it was hurting because of how much hair was being removed in just one stroke. At first it was new and he wasn't sure about it, but after a few moments, he was in love. He realized that the feeling was pleasant, and was purring....I couldn't believe that he was purring. I am not aggressive with him, so when he is done, I will hold him by the scruff for a few more strokes and let him enjoy his beauty!

My dog is the exact opposite. She sits about 5 feet away, moaning and complaining under her breath till it is her turn, then she is all over, rolling and twisting.

I am always so relieved when I am finished brushing my pets even for a second and get clumps of hair that I don't have to worry about floating all over the house.

A few moments of brushing, means less work for the vacuum, less hairballs, and more love before we leave. Plus the next time we need to brush, it won't be as bad. food for thought: if we lose 100 hairs a day on average, and we brush our hair daily, what about our pets, and they lose hair every time the weather fluctuates.

Finally, I let a very good friend of mine borrow the brush for her Aussie, because she was having the same issue, and the dog wasn't having any other brushes, spending an hour just to get a few small chunks. She sent me a photo and said she is investing. She only spent approximately 20min and was just elated with the results.

The brush is called the FURMINATOR. feel free to add in your photos and your own personal review.


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