How to invite only adults to your wedding

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How to invite only adults to your wedding.


More often I hear couples say they aren't sure if they will have children at their wedding. To have children at a wedding or not, is a different post. This post is how to have an adult only wedding. Or, how to invite only adults to your wedding.


More than likely, you feel that your wedding should be an adult only celebration. Nothing wrong with that. Not having to worry about family and friends leaving early or getting distracted is nice. If you are having a wet wedding, an open bar, then you are being a responsible adult. You have come here because you need to know how to request adults only to your wedding.


First off, you will get some back lash from parents about why their kids should be an exception. Don't get angry. Expect it. Be prepared for it. Don't come up with excuses. Be straight forward with them.


Let's rewind. Before you get into one-on-one conversations, how do you tell everyone. There are two ways. One, is to write a custom invitation with a little poem and a line says "adults only", or "leave the kids at home to sleep". The second option is to include a mini card, 3" x 5", that includes extra details. This keeps your invitation still perfect, romantic, stunning, and easy to print. Sometimes writing a poem is hard and you won't like what you write.


Tip: You can always let guests know: instead of giving a gift, pay for a sitter to celebrate your big day.


Did you send your invitation? Or at least have them printed. Be prepared for the phone calls and texts. There are times parents are EXCITED that they get a night away from kids. But other parents don't want to find a sitter and will put up a little battle. They think their children should be an exception to your request.

Stand your ground!

Have written down, your feelings and exactly what you are going to tell them. Then when texting or talking, keep repeating that exact word for word reason. Don't get mad or mean. They will get a little annoyed that you aren't giving in. That's okay. Keep repeating what you wrote.


Example: We love your kid(s), and we know you want to help us have the perfect wedding. All of the other parents are getting sitters, and we want to make sure you have plenty of time to find one too.


"Our kid are so well be haved." or "we won't be staying long."


"We totally get it, and we know you want to help us have our perfect wedding. All the other parents are getting sitters, and we want to make sure you have plenty of time to find one too."


"We are having trouble finding a sitter" or "we just don't like anyone watching our children that late."


"We totally get it, and we know you want to help us have our perfect wedding. All the other parents are getting sitters, and we want to make sure you have plenty of time to find one too."


If the parent(s) still isn't getting the hint after 3 times of repeating exactly what you said, oh boy. You can say something like this:


"You know we would love to have you at our wedding, but we completely understand if you are unable to attend. Your children are extremly important and we love that about you."

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No joke it works. I had to use this!


Personal Experience: You don't want to make waves in the water. No body wants to. But it can happen. I had to tell one of my friends that if they showed up to my wedding with their children, they will be turned away. I have multiple parents who are paying for sitters and it is rude if I allow your children and not theirs.



Why did I have an adult only wedding?

I attended a child free wedding, that wasn't so child free. When the reception had arrived, there were three children sitting at one of the tables. The bride was running around in a panic requesting the caterer, to find some kid food to serve.

This may not seem like a big deal, but how these kids appeared at the wedding is the issue. The bride and groom, moved in together pre-marriage. The parents of the kids, did not agree with this life style. Nothing wrong with that. The issue arises because the parents rsvp-ed as not attending. Those parents had a date night in their calendar. Instead of paying a sitter, they sent the kids to the wedding. That is where it is a problem to me.

This kind of action is rude and disrespectful. The bride and groom were blind sided. The bride very upset. The couple didn't care. They never apologized.


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