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The Windamere Event Venue_Review & Story

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Crystal Horton Photography

The Windamere Event Venue

The Story of a Hidden Gem

Today I want to take a moment of your time and share a hidden diamond in the rough that appeared out of what seems like a dream. As most of my readers know, I am always on the lookout for great finds, and this one, this one right here hits the nail so perfectly on the head, it’s like hearing angels sing the most beautiful chord, and all we have even done is looked into the glass doors. This find is like going into your basement opening a box that you never unpacked from your last move and finding a bottle of amazing red wine that you completely forgot about. I don’t know if I can express the emotions any more than I already am. So without teasing you any more I want to share with you this find because if you are looking for the most perfect venue for your wedding, birthday, or company celebration, then you have found it right here and I promise you won’t need to look any further.

The Windamere Event Venue & Art Gallery located in Middletown Ohio, is the spot to visit. This beautifully designed building has battled the sands of time and is not simply on its first rebirth, but on its second even possibly it’s third. This building, this piece of land, this mark on history is not giving up so easily. I want to give you the cliff notes on the history, as well as tell you about the amazing owner Mica, and of course share with you some of the most amazing photographs and features I was able to capture for you. I have built my business on honesty, and my posts are no different. My honesty here is true to how I feel. I consider myself a great wedding photographer. I feel that I have a great photographers eye, but no matter how good of a photographer you are, no matter how perfectly composed an image is, the photographs captured of the Windamere itself cannot compare to the feeling this building gives you when you walk in the front door.

For the quick history lesson on the Windamere’s past, we are going to go back in time. Really far back. Are we going a few years ago? Nope go further. What about 100 years in the past, is that far enough? Nope. (queue lights on a blank piece of land) The Windamere is taking us all the way back to the 1800’s when the land that the Windamere now resides on was simply a log cabin. In 1847, the log cabin became a general store. The general store, being so close to the water, soon had farmers asking the owners to hold their spare money and precious personal items due to the owners having an amazingly strong safe. The owners saw this opportunity and eventually the general store was turned into a bank in 1889. Through thick and thin this land proceeded to be profitable. It wasn’t until 1929 when the building that we now see standing was constructed. From 1971-2001, the company known as Bank One bought the business and continued to run as a functional bank. However what seemed to be a great run, was turning into the last inning because in 2001 Chase Bank bought the company and shut the doors for good. They felt that in this new day and age, this building, also being classified as a historical site, was unfit to be used as a bank. The upgrades that would be needed to keep it as a functional bank would be too exhausting in a financial aspect. This is the building that would see the end. This is the building that would stay empty and dormant for years. This building that stood strong, that stood ever long, had a good run and was ready to sleep a good long sleep. (fade to black).

I want to introduce you to Mica who is a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman, and has always had a yearning for more from life. When you see her for the first time you automatically are drawn to her almost like seeing a warm campfire on a cool fall evening. You want to know what she knows, you want to hear what knowledge she has to share and what ideas she has stirring in her creative mind. While she mastered the art of marketing, she saw, through working for other people, so many ways to have a better business. After feeling the hard times of companies mismanaging the marketing departments, she dove head first into the wedding world. Again she was trying to share her knowledge with the owners of the wedding company she worked for, but they just wouldn’t listen. So before getting herself into any other moments of frustration she went on the hunt. Of course she would. What else would a strong intelligent woman do in her case.

While on this hunt, Mica spotted it; the most perfect, everlasting building that withheld the tests of time. Here is the kicker though; the building she originally spotted and fell in love with was not the old historical bank. She worked hard to get this mystery building. But as luck would have it, things were not going to happen as she had originally planned. Little did she know her future was not with this love at first sight, for while she waited to receive the results on her heart’s desire she suddenly saw something else; she saw something better. She was stopped in her tracks by the beautiful, tall, magnificent, elegant, and powerful building down in Middletown, Ohio, which was still lying dormant. Still sleeping away the years and maintaining its beautiful and stunning secrets. She knew deep inside she had to see this building not just from the outside, but from the inside.

When she stepped inside she knew this was it. This was the place that her dreams were taking her. This is the place that life has been pushing and guiding her towards. She gazed upon the details of crown molding, the pure, sturdy, wooden teller stations. Her eyes followed along the single wall of windows, which reached all the way to the ceiling. Oh and the ceiling! Let me attempt to fill your mind with just how powerful and graceful this building is. There practically is no ceiling. It is completely open. The best most fascinating part of this entire structure you may have thought to have been on the outside, but from my experience, the jaw dropping and breath taking feature is actually found right inside the front doors, located across the room. There standing like a mountain that can never be moved is the sleek, attractive, thick, formidable, and yet intimidating bank safe, filled with hundreds of safe deposit boxes. It stayed secret and hidden within the four walls of the building for the last 15+ years.

I could continue on with this story conversing with you how Mica put her own elbow grease into keeping the integrity of this building so alive and helping bring it back to life, but in fact I want to end our little chat. I can easily keep talking and telling you all about what this building has to offer you, but if you have made it this far in my post, then you dear reader, need to set up an appointment and see it for yourself. I wish to conclude simply by expressing one last notion. After you have walked into this building, and you have seen the secret stag room, and the beautiful Mr. & Mrs. retreat, you will know the exact same feeling that Moby Dick had the first time he saw the great white whale. Truly today’s architects don’t have the same timeless techniques as they did centuries ago. This building will always be classical, grand, astonishing, alluring, but most of all, it will be everlasting and remain timeless.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A special thanks to the Windamere and its owner Mica. You allowed me the privilege of hearing the history of the bank and gave me an insight of what it took to get you where you are today. Your building is nothing sort of being stunning and grand. I am so glad that we were able to meet and that I now have a highly recommended location to share with anyone who might just ask the questions. Congratulations on having a successful opening, and I cannot wait to see the ribbon cutting ceremony, and even the hocus pocus event in the fall! May god bless you and may you have fortune in your corner.



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