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Questions to ask a Wedding Venue

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How to choose a wedding professional

Questions to ask a Wedding Venue?


Feel free to print this page and take it to your interview with your Wedding Venue. I hope that this will help you pick the best most professional wedding venue and you won't get scammed! Feel free to read and print my other wedding questionnaires, listed at the bottom, to use at your other interviews.

  1. Do you have my wedding date Open and Available?
  2. What days close to our date do you have open?
  3. What is the capacity of your facility?
  4. What is the minimum and maximum number of guests I can invite?
  5. How many wedding do you schedule on a day/weekend?
  6. Do you have special pricing breaks for Friday vs Saturday vs Sunday or afternoons vs evening?
  7. If an emergency occurs, do you have contact information to call in a professionals last minuet?
  8. Do I have any payment scheduling options?
  9. How do you require a deposit?
  10. How do you require payments? (credit card, cash, check, cashier’s check, money order, paypal)
  11. When do we have to have our account paid in full?
  12. Will you take the last payment on the day of?
  13. Do you have any fees or cost not included in the package(s)? Service charge, gratuity/tips, cleaning fees, or overtime charges?
  14. What is the last possible date that we can make changes to our event?
  15. Can you explain your cancellation policy?
  16. Is there a point when we will be charged a fine for changing or canceling?
  17. Do you work with specific vendor partners that I must use?
  18. Do we have to use these vendors? If not, are there any other limitations on working with outside vendors?
  19. Do you have other professional vendors you recommend that you have worked with?
  20. Is there room for a band and/or dancing?
  21. Does the venue own sound equipment and speakers, or will that need to be rented?
  22. Is the site handicap accessible?
  23. Are there any noise restrictions?
  24. May we be married onsite?
  25. Is there a large enough area for brides/maids and groomsmen to change in?
  26. Are there adequate bathroom facilities?
  27. Is there a coat check?
  28. Is there enough parking?
  29. Will guests be charged for parking?
  30. Is there a valet parking option?
  31. Is there a backup plan for rain or inclement weather?
  32. Are there any decoration limitations?
  33. Can we remove certain decorations?
  34. Can we use candles?
  35. Are there restrictions for the photographers ro DJ’s in terms of lighting and other equipment?
  36. When can my vendors arrive to setup?
  37. What time will my guests have to leave the venue?
  38. Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the decor, and when will it be completed?
  39. Is there an extra fee for set up and tear down?
  40. Is there an in-house caterer?
  41. Do we have to use that caterer?
  42. Is there a limitation on outside caterers?
  43. Do you have a liquor license to sell or distribute liquor?
  44. What is your pricing for alcohol?
  45. What is your selection of alcohol?
  46. Can we specially request a brand?
  47. Will you allow us to bring our own liquor?
  48. Is there a corkage fee?
  49. Do you allow a cash bar?
  50. Can my guests BYOB?
  51. Can we give our guests wrist bands or drink tokens?
  52. Will you cut off anyone who is overdoing the enjoyment of drinking?
  53. Are there any consequences for not fulfilling the food and beverage minimum?
  54. Who is our contact throughout this process?
  55. Who will be our manager/matradee the day of our wedding?
  56. Can we meet them now?
  57. What is the venue capacity for a ceremony?
  58. What dates do you have available?
  59. Can you hire the venue exclusively?
  60. What is the difference in cost and what extras are included?
  61. Can we purchase the venue for the night before for set up?
  62. Are there any other functions taking place on the same day?
  63. Do you have a list of nearby hotels?
  64. Are children allowed?
  65. Are sparklers/fireworks allowed on the premises?
  66. May we capture images for references?
  67. Will you temporarily hold our date while we make a decision?


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P.S. ask the professional if they have been through a bad situation and go into detail about what happened. Then ask them how they handled it, and if you can have that bride’s information. (trip them up more, ask them to give you 2 situations and then ask how did they handle it.)

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