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Questions to ask a Wedding Caterer

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How to choose a wedding professional

Questions to ask a Wedding Caterer?


Feel free to print this page and take it to your interview with your Wedding Caterer. I hope that this will help you pick the best most professional wedding caterer and you won't get scammed! Feel free to read and print my other wedding questionnaires, listed at the bottom, to use at your other interviews.

  1. How many wedding have you catered before?
  2. Do you have valid catering license?
  3. Do you have license for serving alcohol?
  4. Do you have the optional use of a bar tender?
  5. Could you please provide references from your previous clients?
  6. What services are typically included?
  7. What services are extra?
  8. What services do you not include at all?
  9. Where do you source your ingredients?
  10. Will the season of my wedding affect the price or type of ingredients use?
  11. Will you freeze my meals weeks before my event?
  12. How early do you purchase fresh ingredients like salad and bread?
  13. What is the server-to-guest ratio?
  14. Buffet: One server to 18 to 25 guests
  15. Family-style: One server to 15 to 20 guests
  16. Plated: One server to 12 to 15 guests
  17. Have you ever catered an event at my venue?
  18. How will the food be prepared at my wedding?
  19. How early will you prep the food for my wedding?
  20. Do you provide chair and table rental if my venue doesn’t provide it?
  21. Do you provide table linens?
  22. Do you supply dinner ware and glass ware?
  23. Do you charge extra for real plates verse paper/plastic?
  24. How many weddings have you catered before?
  25. How many events will you cater on my wedding day?
  26. How many events do you plan in one weekend?
  27. Do you offer cake cutting services?
  28. Is there an extra fee for that?
  29. Do you supply dessert dishes and linens?
  30. Do you offer coffee or tea after the meal?
  31. What is your favorite dish to prepare?
  32. What is a more popular dish that clients rave about?
  33. Do you offer a tasting?
  34. What food/dishes/style do you suggest for my theme?
  35. What is the typical portion size?
  36. Will you be preparing this dish any differently on the day of the wedding?
  37. Are you open to changing to meet allergy requirements?
  38. Do you have food allergy options?
  39. Do you have a child’s menu?
  40. Do we get to take left overs home?
  41. What is your deposit?
  42. How do you accept a deposit/payments?
  43. What kind of payment schedule do you offer?
  44. When do you need the final payment?
  45. Are you comfortable working with a wedding planner?
  46. Are you comfortable with last minuet changes?
  47. What is the latest date that we can make changes to our packages/choices?
  48. When do you need an official head count?
  49. Is gratuity included in your package rates?
  50. Are there any other fees that we should be aware of?
  51. Describe to me a wedding that didn’t go as planned and was in complete disarray. How did you handle the situation?
  52. Please give me a second situation where you had to make some immediate changes to a wedding menu?

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P.S. ask the professional if they have been through a bad situation and go into detail about what happened. Then ask them how they handled it, and if you can have that bride’s information. (trip them up more, ask them to give you 2 situations and then ask how did they handle it.)

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