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Questions to ask a Wedding Planner

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How to choose a wedding professional

Questions to ask a Wedding Planner?


Feel free to print this page and take it to your interview with your Wedding Planner. I hope that this will help you pick the best most professional wedding planner and you won't get scammed! Feel free to read and print my other wedding questionnaires, listed at the bottom, to use at your other interviews.

  1. Are you available on the date of our desired wedding date?
  2. What dates around our wedding are you available?
  3. How many weddings to you typically plan a year?
  4. What do you typically charge for a wedding?
  5. What are the differences in your packages?
  6. Do you have a simple day of coordinator package?
  7. **Do you charge per communication/text/email/email/phone call/FB message? ** (This is so important to know because some brides need more communications.)
  8. Are you familiar with our wedding location?
  9. How do you choose the vendors you work with?
  10. Do you get kick back from your recommended vendors? (this can be a bad thing) **
  11. Do you coordinate deliveries, rentals, set up times and other meetings with various vendors on the wedding day?
  12. Is this an Extra charge?
  13. How do you request a deposit?
  14. How do you accept payments?
  15. Do you have a payment schedule?
  16. When is the last day I can pay you?
  17. Do I pay you to pay my vendors?
  18. Do you handle the day of payments to my vendors?
  19. Will you keep track of my contracts?
  20. Will you confront any vendor not meeting the contract agreements?
  21. Will I get a copy of all my contracts?
  22. What is your cancellation policy?
  23. What is the latest we can cancel?
  24. What if we want to upgrade or down grade our package?
  25. When’s the last date to make changes to our package?
  26. Will you set up a meeting for me you and a recommended vendor?
  27. Do you charge extra to meet with me and a vendor I’m interested in but is not on your list of vendors?
  28. What is one of the most memorable weddings you have planned?
  29. How do you stay calm under the intense pressure of a wedding?
  30. How often will we be in touch and what is the best way to contact you?
  31. Do you offer a flat rate and what do you charge for in addition to this rate?
  32. How do you help us stay within our budget?
  33. Do you have decorations on hand that we may utilize?
  34. Do you charge us to use these decorations?
  35. What is the largest wedding you have planned?
  36. What is the smallest wedding you have planned?
  37. Can you name a few wedding styles you have helped plan?
  38. Do you have a team that you work with?
  39. What happens if you get sick on our wedding day?
  40. What is your back up plan if your family has an emergency on our wedding day?
  41. Do you specialize in the design or coordinating?
  42. Do you have an education in planning and coordinating?
  43. Do any ideas spark your creativity with our vision?
  44. How do you ensure that everyone sticks to the schedule planned out?
  45. Do you have insurance?
  46. Do you have testimonials or references that we can contact? ** get/ ask at least 3-5 non relative references.
  47. Do you have a digital album of the weddings you have planned?
  48. Can you describe to me a wedding that was not going well at all, where things were going completely wrong?
  49. (pause and wait for the answer then ask) What did you do to fix the situation?
  50. Ask them to give you a second bad situation from a completely different wedding, and how they resolved it.

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P.S. ask the professional if they have been through a bad situation and go into detail about what happened. Then ask them how they handled it, and if you can have that bride’s information. (trip them up more, ask them to give you 2 situations and then ask how did they handle it.)

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