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Gatherings on the Green Event Venue

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Gatherings on the Green

Wedding & Event Venue

Weddings 2017 Weddings 2017 The first thing that caught my eye as I was pulling into the drive was that this venue has plenty of space. The building itself sits back from the road and is not super difficult to find. You could practically have any size celebration with the abundance of outdoor, and of course indoor, space. The land and buildings, which previously held a small golf club, contain so many options for a soon-to-be bride and groom. Imagine seeing simple lanterns lining the drive, or even elegant tree lights looped around as if it were the main streets at Christmas in New York. It would give a sort of “umf” that a bride might be wanting. You know, getting that little bit of a glittery, elegant, classical, swaray sort of feel.

Making my way into the venue, which holds about 250 guests; my breath vanished when my eye caught sight of the chandelier that hangs from the rafters. Spanning approximately five feet in diameter, the chandelier is definitely a staple of this venue. I personally thought to myself; ‘How beautiful would it be to have a Bride & Groom seated just under it, to watch and dine with their guests in celebration of their Love?’ The owners Kim Oswald & Lee Markley knew the moment they saw the chandelier, it just had to be hung in their venue for all of their brides to enjoy. The chandelier is complimented by dark wood rafters and two textures on the walls. Two thirds of the wall, from the ground up, is a metal Silver texture, and the final third, reaching to the ceiling, is a beautiful white wash, oak wood texture, that has slight hint of grey blended into it.

The second beautiful and majestic piece of the venue that caught my eye was the very tremendous, handmade, wooden, sliding door at the back of the room. Weddings 2017 This door has so many different sizes of wood and is splashed with colors in red and brown hues. Again I could just see how beautifully contrasted a bride would be standing next to this. Now not to give any less attention, to the right of the chandelier, is another sliding wooden door, but this door has a teal peeling paint texture, and it hangs from a beautifully rustic upper hinge. This door leads to a side room that has windows covering every wall surface. This room would fit perfectly for a buffet style dinner.

Weddings 2017 Before I took a stroll outside, I visited the Bridal Suite, and of course the restrooms. Starting with the restrooms, they were simple, quaint, private areas that of course carry the details throughout. The owner’s creatively used rustic fencing as stall doors. Then across the hall is the bridal suite. It was decorated with a French divider and an old style makeup vanity. Both hit my mind as beautiful bridal props. It too had delicately placed details. There is even burgundy settee type of sofa that would make a stunning prop for a Bride and her Maids.

(While I unfortunately missed the opportunity, due to the weather, to capture images of the outdoor areas of this venue let me explain these for a moment.)

First off, let me say there is so much space! There are two main, outdoor areas, that can be utilized on the day of your wedding. The first is a very tall, very large pavilion, which is almost touching the indoor portion of the venue. This could easily be used as extra seating or an outdoor dance floor. I could just imagine seeing a DJ placed to one corner, and long, dramatic, organza, beautifully draped and pinned back to each column.

Weddings 2017 By far, my second favorite area of this venue though, is the other outdoor area that both owners Kim & Lee set up as the most dreamy and romantic wedding ceremony location. This spot, which was once a golfing green, sits just behind the parking lot, off to the North. The owners erected a solid, voluminous, massive pergola to one side of the green. The rest of the space would be filled with either chairs and colorful sashes, or solid wood pews lightly decorated with flowers and ribbon. The pergola it’s self would give almost a bohemian beach vibe if it too had slick organza hanging in the breeze, dancing to the songs of the wind. To top this all off, just behind the pergola, adding to the extravagant feel of this ceremonial location, is a beautiful lake. Even though it was cold out, I could just see how the light reflecting from the water would make any bride feel as though they were living a dream.

Weddings 2017 The venue, which sits on a previously used, small golf course is the perfect canvas and can go in any direction as far as how a bride might design it. Lee Markley and Kim Oswald wanted to create a venue that could be both rustic and glitzy chic. They wanted to be able to cater to the design flavors of all brides who give it a visit. Now between you and me, not only is this an amazing location and beautifully designed venue but the owners have been collecting popular props and items for a bride to use. I don’t know about any other wedding professional, but I would highly recommend this location to any bride who is looking for something new, something fresh, and something that has a plethora of options to make her wildest dreams come true. These two women want a bride to feel as though her wedding was not only special to who she is and what she wanted but to have her feel that she is breaking away from the typical wedding industry ‘barn’ or ‘hotel’ wedding. Any bride would be lucky to have this location as their venue. After you add in the hard work and ideas from the owners, plus an outgoing wedding coordinator, and an artsy photographer, any wedding day would be one for the books.

Weddings 2017 With more elbow grease to come, and the muscular work from their husbands, these two women, Lee Markley & Kim Oswald, will have, in my own opinion, one of the most elegant and Chic venues that a bride could dream about!

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