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Why You Need a Wedding Day Itinerary

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How to have a Smooth Wedding Day Series

Why You Need a Wedding Day Itinerary

Are we at the brink of wedding season yet? Spring & Fall are the typical peek seasons for weddings, but don’t be fooled, it can always shift, and it does. Maybe Summer and Winter will be the best time to get married next year. No matter when the bug bites you, you need to know how to make sure your wedding day is smooth as a crystal ball. The one crucial thing that all of my brides, and even myself as a professional photographer enjoys having is a Wedding Day Itinerary.

Did you just groan? I think I heard it, or maybe that is just my stomach since I’m writing this and it’s almost lunch. Either way, surprisingly most people hate creating a daily routine, but enjoy when they have one to follow. When it comes to your wedding day this can be seen as one of the make it or break it items that always seems to get overlooked.

A Day of Agenda helps in more ways than you can even images.

  • It helps people know when and where to be.
  • It gives you a huge sigh of relief to know if you have a quick 5 minutes to enjoy another mimosa.
  • It allows for any family members, who may be very eccentric or opinionated to quickly be put in their place
  • Which ultimately gives you a ginormous exhaling breath.

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution;” -Brian Tracy

Let’s put that into perspective.

If your wedding is expected to last 5 hours and you have no plans for set up, vendor arrivals, guest arrivals, family arrivals, bridal party to-do’s, and I mean you don’t even have a general outline of what you would expect, everything is going to run behind; and yes, I have seen that first hand.


What the bold print above is trying to say,

is that because your brain is thinking about how amazing your hair and makeup looks, it will ultimately struggle to get from point A to point B.

  • Your brain will have to stop thinking about your hair
  • Comprehend the unexpected question
  • Think of all the options
  • Make a decision about which option you prefer
  • And as long as you don’t have any questions to the question, your brain will then relay your final decision.

You will take an average of 10 minuets to get through what seems like should be a very simple question and answer.

When you have a wedding day schedule, this process is simplified for your blissfully happy mind.


Same scenario

You are admiring your hair and makeup, someone asks when the groomsmen are arriving. You can immediately respond with either,

"Check the schedule", or "at x time". Done. Millisecond and you continue to feel like the stunning princess you always dreamed of.


A Moment To Breath

Another extreme perk that I personally love as being a employee of weddings, is when a bride is able to enjoy a moment to breath and relish in her memories that are being created before her eyes. When you have a Wedding Day Itinerary, if something finishes ahead of schedule, you have the grace of sitting back and spending quality time laughing and really taking in the moments. As a photographer I love this, and these are surprisingly the photographs that most brides want. I simply ask a bride to look out the window and snap a photograph, or she will naturally be laughing with her maids, and I get to document her full enjoyment.


A Push Over Bride

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have ever heard a bride say, “I’m okay with being a push over.”, Or “My maids and Family can do whatever they want on my wedding day.”

Would you be okay with the groomsmen arriving when ever they wanted? Probably not because if they had it their way, they would arrive 10min before the ceremony. Boy, wouldn’t you be stressed and pulling out your hair which you just sat in a chair for an hour to perfect.

When you get those one or two loving friends or family members who always assume they know best or they want to take charge because it’s just their personality type, you have your handy-dandy Wedding Itinerary right at your fingertips to stop them in their tracks and bring them back to the day that is supposed to be all about your and your significant other.

There is limited room or hiccups and mishaps, there is no wiggle room for opinionated family and friends and again you ultimately get to enjoy your perfect day that you probably saved up not only money, but time and energy for.


How about an actual example?

As a photographer I know that things are never perfect and that my job is to not just know and understand how and when to capture a photograph, but to anticipate and prepare for any and every situation that could arise.

One of my brides refused to create rain plan even after I told her I would do it for her. To her surprise and not mine, it didn’t just rain on her wedding, but poured all over her outdoor ceremony which consisted of bales of hay for guests to sit on. Everyone was rushing around trying to find and create a spot to move the wedding to. I especially remember having to put my camera down for a moment and photograph something else at the hotel because the bride was sitting on the bed sobbing that it was raining.


As part of my “How to have a Smooth Wedding Day Series” I hope that you see just how important a simply tiny piece of paper with a schedule on it can be for your wedding and ultimately your peace of mind.

If you believe that with all of your heart and body that something could always go awry or someone could be a little more pushy than you would like to admit, follow the next link which will help you create your own Wedding Day Itinerary. Even if you have a wedding planner, she will not only love how ambitious you are, but she will be able to get a better idea of how you are envisioning your wedding day, not just the pretty centerpieces and flowers.


Read how to design your own Wedding Day Itinerary!


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