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9 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Planner

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How to have a Smooth Wedding Day Series

9 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

Let me get this right off my my chest and say, NO!. You absolutely do not need a wedding planner. And anyone who tells you that you NEED one may not be thinking about your best interest.

However, there comes a slight stipulation with my answer. While you don’t NEED a planner, I highly recommend to all of my brides that they get one, or at least look into getting one. While, just like photography there are a plethora of newbie planners, there are some very good ones that know how to work with you from day one, and even know how to portray to your vendors what it is that you expect from them on your wedding day.

A professional planner who has experience will not only listen and apply everything the two of you have discussed when designing your wedding, but they will treat that wedding as if it were their own with the upmost respect and highest level of quality.

Because wedding planners are so crucial when it comes to what they do for you, and why you should consider one, we are going to have to break this up into 2 different segments. This first post is giving you a countdown of 9 reasons why you need a wedding planner. The second post is going to be questions you should ask your potential wedding planner. These are extremely enriching posts that are going to help make sure that your wedding day is as Smooth as it can be.

Why should I pay someone to plan my wedding?

I have had my fair share of weddings. Not only was I a maid 5+ times before actually getting married, but now I work in the world of weddings. Most brides believe it is silly to pay actual money to someone to stand around with a piece of paper and direct people where to go and what to do, because let’s be honest someone could do that for you for free.

However, there is proof in the pudding. Or, I guess I should better say that, experience and professionalism make a huge difference. While yes you could have your Aunt Jane standing around directing vendors and guests, what happens if a vendor decides not to show? Or a Caterer is unable to supply the desired dishes you requested, and paid for? Does your Aunt Jane know how to handle either of those and within a few minutes of getting the news? Maybe, but most likely not. And don’t be blind, these things actually happen all the time!

9. You want your family to be present not working

I’m going to get real with you. The reason there are “wedding professionals” is because we understand that, just like a server in a restaurant your experience at your own wedding is the most important thing to us. Family will naturally have the tendency to be controlling and change to what they want or what they think is best, or even worse, they think, why am I working, I want to enjoy this party, and they deviate for your plan and their responsibility.

When you pay a professional, well experienced, planner, you essentially are their boss for the day! You can look at your contract and let them know if they are or are not doing something that is up to your expectation. It is their job to make sure that they do what you need them to do. A family member has no skin in the game.

Also, don’t you want your family to enjoy the celebration that you have been paying for this entire last 12months or so? I mean, I did when I got married. I wanted to see everyone’s smiles and hear all of their laughs and make sure that no one had any reason to despise my free celebration!

8. Back up and experience in the field

Yes, this is a huge big deal for me. Why would someone hire a chef to do a mechanic’s job? Better asked, what happens when that photographer doesn’t show up because their connecting flight was delayed or canceled?

A professional planner first off knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and what you absolutely need to know or not know to keep you stress free on your wedding day. They know that well if the entire box of wine bottles shatters, they will send their assistant to purchase a whole new box immediately. And there is no point in stressing you out.

In addition, let’s say your photographer is a really good friend who moved to California and they gifted a huge discount to photograph your wedding. First off again, I don’t believe in asking family and friends to work when they should be celebrating. But secondly, when that photographer couldn’t get onto their connecting flight for whatever reason, Aunt Jane doesn’t have a binder full of professional photographer, and other vendors, that she can spend 10minutes calling and asking to come work your wedding.

In this example, do you really want to risk getting only a few snap shot camera photos or blurry cell phone images?

7. Honest Unbiased Opinions

Haven’t you ever been in a store, really like a food, or pair of pants, and your family member/friend stats bashing about how terrible that it and how they wouldn’t be caught dead in it? I have. So, I ask you; Why do you want the turning your dream wedding into theirs?

A wedding planner is unbiased. They don’t care what colors you want, what theme you like, or if your wedding cake matches the mood of the celebration. They are there to make sure that you get exactly what you desire and want to see though your wedding album every year on your anniversary. And, I bet they would love a referral from you or a high rated review.

The best part about a planner though is that they will give you an honest opinion. Any good planner will be able to see a wedding and really look at it as a whole, not just piece by piece. They can easily determine if something is going overboard and getting too cluttered or gaudy. But ultimately, they are going to be there to do what you want for your wedding.

6. Keeping your budget in mind

I don’t care if you are a hot to trot movie star or a down to earth science teacher, everyone has a wedding budget in mind. Unlike a friend helping you plan your wedding, a wedding planner is there to help you with your budget. They completely understand the balance of money versus time, or quantity versus quality.

If they go over your budget, you wouldn’t be very thrilled. On the other side, if you wanted a high-quality photographer, but they picked out a green hobbyist who photographs flowers for a living you might be very upset.

Remember earlier how I told you the planner has a big binder with lists of professionals. Well guess what they can do for you? They can look at their lists, know which professionals are in your budget or quality range and can recommend you to meet with those selected few. That way you can ultimately decide if someone is too soft, too hard, or just right!

5. Constant Contact (Or almost)

Everyone gets busy, and I mean everyone. It’s a planner’s job to keep up to date with you or at least with the vendors that you are selecting for your wedding. The first several months of wedding planning are quite slow and easy going. There isn’t much talk needed. Typically, you get to interview the other vendors and you get to make the payments or pay your planner to pay the vendors.

Come closer to the wedding, yes there will probably be more communication because not only will you want to make sure that your planner is doing what they need to do, but your planner will be checking in to make sure that you are doing what you need to do. And of course, your nerves are going to start revving up for the big “I Do”.

4. Same Page

Speaking of constant contact and communicating with vendors. Because your planner usually won’t have another job, it is there sole job to keep their bride’s wedding vendors in check. They make sure that the vendors are responsive, and their business is up to par with not only their expectation but yours as well.

There are so many gears turning and moving all at the same time on the day of your wedding. It’s the sole responsibility of a planner to make sure that these gears are turning as smoothly as they possibly can. They let vendors know when to be there and they will keep them on the same page.

It’s not the job of your Uncle Bob or the caterer to make sure that the photographer knows there will be a videographer with 2 camera men running around and giant studio lights on top of their gear.

3. Timelines are the Lifelines at a wedding

While personally I love creating time lines for the wedding day, so that I know when and where I need to be for photographs, it is the job of the planner to make sure that you, your bridal party, your family members, and ultimately the vendors know exactly when and where they need to be.

If your ceremony is at 4:30p but your minister doesn’t know that, they could arrive at 5 and your entire wedding is running behind.

Timelines are especially crucial for a photographer and the hair and makeup artist(s). We need to know how long we have before the ceremony, and of course for a photographer where different key people will be.

A perfect example of this is if the ceremony is at 4:30 and you want photos of the groomsmen getting ready, but they aren’t due to arrive until 4p, that doesn’t leave any time at all to capture a few detail shots. All those beautiful photographs you see on Google Images, and Pinterest are from weddings that had a photographer for a good 8+ hours or had a multiple day wedding.

2. Are we having fun yet?

You should be focused on looking stunning, relaxing and not stressing, as well as, preparing to step into the world of marriage. At your wedding, while you may want to make sure that guests are enjoying themselves, that is not your job. That job comes down to 2 people actually. The second is the DJ to make sure that they are playing the appropriate music to get people up and moving, but ultimately it is another task for the planner.

They wan to make sure that guests know where the guest book is, the card table, and of course where to start gathering before and at the seating of the ceremony. They also will need to help direct your guests to the reception after the ceremony, when you need to be whisked away with the photographer to capture family formals and the fun passionate newly wed photos! (my personal favorites!)

1. Keeping the drama in check

Weather to rubber neck, or to get involved, human nature is to naturally get pulled into drama when we see it. We want to know all the who, what, where, when, why, and how’s that we can so that we can talk about it later.

The biggest help I have seen a planner do is prevent a bride from getting upset because of petty drama by the family or bridal party. You shouldn’t be stressing about why your mother is arguing with your cousin. You should be breathing and thinking of your soon to be husband or wife.

You probably are a little curious why I put this at my number one spot. Well that is because, if a bride is upset or angry, I can’t capture my photographs. If I can’t capture my photographs, I can’t do my job, and you won’t get the beautiful majestic images that you so badly wanted and hired me to capture. As a photographer, I do help filter many of those moments out, by pulling the bride out of the situation, but there are times, and strong personalities where it may not happen.


Let me ask you again; Do you NEED a wedding planner?

Ultimately it is your decision, and you are the only one who can pick the planner that will fit your needs. Just make sure that you in fact do your research and that you know who you are getting. Sometimes we want to save a few dollars and pick someone who is easier on our budget, but there is something to be said when you have a professional with high experience and great quality.

Remember this is your wedding day. You need to decide how much stress you want to deal with or how much you want to be able to sit back and relax and let someone else run the day exactly how you want it run.


I think I definitely NEED a wedding planner… Now what?

No worries. I have that part covered for you! Our next post is all about questions to ask a professional wedding planner. And guess what, If you are on our Smooth Wedding Day Series, you will get an easy pdf print out of all of these questions so that you can take them with your when you talk with the different planners.

You can even take this to your venue if your venue has a wedding coordinator to be able to judge if the coordinator is experienced enough, or simply working for the venue.



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