Wedding Photography is More Than Photos. It's the Images on Your Wall and the Experience of a Lifetime.


Today’s world is engulfed by technology. Having the most likes or uploading the most pictures to social media. But what about when you take time to disconnect? When you simply unplug, how do you look back at your wedding? Isn’t that the ultimate desire of any couple truly in love? Seeing your first kiss in marriage, every day when you walk down your home hallway. Knowing that your photography experience wasn’t just a cookie cutter process of capture photos and download. You and your wedding deserve the photographer who will be there for you from the moment you first contact them, to the moment you hang that stunning canvas on your wall!



I Know What I Want, I Just Don't Know Where to Get it.


I wore those exact same heals. Actually at 5' 1", I wore 6" heals at my wedding. I enjoy the digital life, but I personally love looking back at my wedding not on a digital screen. I knew even before I was engaged, my photography experience, from beginning to end, had to be emotionally fulfilling. I deserved nothing less. I wanted someone who communicated with me before the wedding, focused on me the day of, and met with me after the party was over. My problem was, in year 2011, every photographer started to change. Especially today, photographers only offer “packages” with only digital downloads. It's like they want to take photos and then get rid of me. When I personally was planning my wedding, what did I know about canvas prints and quality albums? Did I even have the time? I was already too busy planning a wedding, working my job, and enjoying my wonderful engagement. Besides, I needed time to let my hair down, enjoy a glass of wine with my gals, or play board games with other couples. Now, 8 years later, I have a growing family, and I am so happy to see my albums and wall art every day. I am forever grateful for my own professional photography experiences. However unfortunate they were, they taught me what you deserve for your photographs. You deserve, and want, more than a mediocre “capture and download” experience.


Brides & Grooms ask me all the time, why I'm a wedding photographer. Truth is, I lost my Job right after I booked our own vendors. Let me share my WHY with my Unfortunate Wedding Luck.


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