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Capturing a glamorous memory is a passion of mine, but here I want to tell you who I am as a person!


  • I am passionate, engaging, and honest; and it shows in my photographs.
  • I am passionate about light and how it can enhance the emotion in an image.
  • I'm engaging because I want to show exactly who you are so that you will always feel glamorous and connected to your keepsakes.
  • And, I'm honest. Anyone can pick up a camera and push a button, but it takes someone with a unique masterful skill set to work a wedding.
  • Personally, I'm down to earth, fun, adventurous, and my laugh is contagious.
  • While I will handle important moments and issues seriously, I am always looking at the glass half full.
  • I have been with my husband for over 14 years and we have been married for over 5. We love to travel and be part of the outdoors. 
  • I always stay positive and put my best foot forward and I'm never afraid of making a decision because we will never learn if we never try. 
  • Being a photographer never changed me but rather helped me develop into a more in depth person. I get to know who my clients are, and I get to capture their true beauty and their raw emotions.
  • Wedding photography is where I started and soon I will be launching my Baby Photography web page.
  • You are important to me and I hope that you will see that when we get to talk more!



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