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I never imagined that one day I would be an expert in capturing wedding memories. I always knew the importance of having photographs on my walls, and I have always had a passion for designing wall art. It wasn't until my very own wedding when I realized just how precious moments like that are. And even more so, how having a custom designed, breath taking canvas on your wall at home, can help remind you every day just how precious and important those moments are.


Why I Stand Above.

First and foremost, I go beyond just capturing some photographs for a wedding. Most photographers that you will speak with will do the bare minimum for you by simply capturing your photographic memories and sending you off with a random usb. I do more! 

Before you even pay a dime, I will meet with you and your fiance for a Free-Consultation where we will discuss what kind of images and moments you desire to relive. Trust me, this is more in depth than just showing me a like photo on pinterest. Once we know what direction to head, you will hear from me again to prepare you for your engagement session. We will then capture those photographs, and have our first design appointment where you will get to see all the stunning moments captured that day.

Once the wedding day gets a little closer, we will have a pre-wedding appointment. Again this is going to be crucial as I will get more details about how you plan on experiencing your luxurious wedding day. I will know exactly when and where to be to capture the most romantic and emotional moments, and again I will know how you will want to relive your moments in your wedding album or on your customized canvas wall art.

After the rose petals are swept up and all the cake has been savored, we will have one final appointment. Here I will present to you, in a ravishing slideshow, the absolute best of the best moments from your wedding, the photographer's favorites for your album design, and of course several timeless collections of customized canvas wall art options. I want you to be able to see your wedding the exact same way that I did, and know just how the story unfold through the eyes of your expert photographer.

Finally, and my absolute favorite part of the entire wedding photography experience is when I get to present to you your wedding keepsakes. Again, going above and beyond, you will experience a whole new type of receiving as you open your lavishly wrapped wedding keepsake. This is the moment when you realize that you had the absolute best wedding photography experience that could ever be offered.


My Education set me Apart.

Any person can go to a collage, sign up for a photography career, and pay professor’s to grade their images. I instead went to college for specific courses in graphic and business. However, the difference that I have and ultimately the difference that makes Crystal Horton Photography so valuable to you is that I didn’t learn my skills by reading a book and getting a good grade from memorizing black and white text. I gained all my skills by studying with and communicating directly to other professional photographers who are extremely successful in their field. All of them were local to me, so I even had the opportunity to work with several of them at different sessions.


Why only 30 Weddings a year?

You might have seen this a few times around my website and it is quite simple. You deserve the best quality. My photography business thrives on that exact quality. Competitors focus on maximizing their intake of weddings that they can photograph in a year. This can lead to lack of communication, and ultimately lack of quality in the photographs that you receive. I want you to know that you have 100% of my focus and when you look back to relive your wedding memories, you will truly know why my passion for you can not be matched by others.


The Proof found in the Images.

I ultimately want to capture the luxurious beauty that surrounds you on your wedding day. I want to capture your authentic smiles and tears of joy. I want to be able to see your face when you look at your wedding album and know that you were the most radiant bride and the gorgeous passion between you and your significant other can be felt leaping off the pages. All of this can be felt every time you look back upon your timeless treasures.


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