Crystal Horton Photography | Why is a Custom Proposal Better for your wedding?


Why is a Custom Proposal better for your wedding?

By: Crystal Horton Photography



Can I ask you three quick questions?

  • Why should you be limited on how long you have a photographer at your wedding?
  • Would you rather have a heart stopping, jaw dropping breath taking photo album to look at every year, or a CD that eventually will go bad and lose all of your images?
  • Finally, Do you know how long a Hindu wedding can last?

To answer the last question, a Hindu wedding can last 4-7 days. I think your wedding should last more than just a few hours!



There are two forms of pricing for photography. The first, is an old school way, that limits you to selecting one of three packages. The new, and better way, is where you are offered a custom program specially designed around your occasion. The pricing is usually more beneficial for you, since you decide what you want or don't want, rather then being forced into that box I mentioned earlier.

Again ask yourself: 'Why does your wedding only have to last a few hours? And why is it that your wedding has to be collaborated and experienced all in one single day?!'

Did you know that a Chinese wedding lasts three days? What about a Jewish wedding lasting 2 or 3 days? Here is a real big mind blowing fact. Most traditional Hindu weddings lasts a minimum of 4 days but can go all the way to seven? SEVEN! Most "American" weddings barely last 6-10 Hours. How can a bride and groom really appreciate their unity of love with a minimal experience of just a few 'hours'? Okay yes some brides still have a rehearsal run/dinner the night before. But again, that is only a few more hours.

Now to answer the question of why this new photography program is better for you. This program basically says that every wedding deserves the best possible quality and that you are the one in charge of how you want to remember your entire wedding adventure. Your wedding day will not occur or happen the same way as a wedding that occurred last weekend. Therefore you shouldn't have to squeeze your wedding into that box I told you about, especially if your wedding is more circular in shape. On the other edge of the blade, you shouldn't pay for a giant elaborate event, if you have more of an intimate backyard kind of feel.

I want to ask you something; If you had the ability to experience your wedding for 3 days and had someone following you around capturing all the priceless moments and experiences, would you accept the gift? What would you do with a three day wedding? What would you give to see and relive these memories over and over every time you opened your wedding album?


I personally feel brides are being cheated out of an unique and romantically playful experience when they limit them selves to only a few hours. This new style of photography allows for you to enjoy every moment and select which moments are the absolute best! I want to offer you to Experience your wedding unlike anything you or your family has every imagined, something that could only came from your dreams. I offer to be there for your entire wedding. I offer to capture an amazing engagement (pre-wedding) session, and if you like, to also capture a post wedding session shortly after the wedding. Together we create a new kind of experience that is not offered with the typical restrictions of just another wedding. I put myself on the highest level insuring that not only do we capture those beautifully passionate, romantic, emotional images, but we also capture the playful, walking, jumping, and dancing moment. It's my job to focus on the photographs, it's your job to have fun and enjoy these moment together!

Everyone who experiences my photography session, immediately sees my quality of work goes beyond taking a photograph.





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