What I Needed from My Own Wedding Photography Experience that Made Me the Photographer for Your Wedding.

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My own memories from my Wedding Photos

I remember getting engaged as if it were yesterday. My engagement was blissful. But the stress of planning a wedding was more than I expected. I had a full time, second shift, j-o-b. My husband and I were paying for the wedding on our own, or most of it. And, I knew I had a lot of interviews and meetings ahead of me. I told my husband straight forward, “I don’t care about the colors, the music, the food, I don’t even care who shows up. I simply want an amazing photographer so that I can enjoy my wedding photographs for the rest of our lives. Most of all, I want to make sure that we have a great connection with that person. I want them to understand us. I want them to capture the real us, not the fake smiles, or uncomfortable poses. I want to feel like myself in my own photographs.” It’s those exact words that let me design your special wedding experience. I bring them with me to every engagement session and wedding day. I know you want those same photos for your wedding photography experience.


My Biggest Wedding Fear Happened. I was Laid off!

Yup. You read that right, but it’s worse than you think. We selected all our vendors and sent them their retainers to secure our wedding date. The big kick in the rear was we had just bought a house 2 months prior to me being laid off for downsizing. I was devastated. All these wonderful wedding plans I had, just washed up at my feet. I had to rethink my entire wedding. Where could I save money, what did I need to pay for, what could I DIY without breaking a nail. Obviously, my vendor and my photography were the keepers. But how did this trauma get me the passion to capture photographs for your wedding?


My Eyes were Open and Hungry to Give Everything They Could.

Of course I was upset. I just lost my entire wedding budget. I had my pity party, and a close gal friend helped to emotionally push me through the metaphorical door. I had all these friends who were nurses, financial advisors, computer specialists, chemical scientists, and suddenly there I was bottom of the barrel. So, this friend of mine grabbed several of my personal photo albums and said; “Everyone thinks they can be a photographer. The best ones are those who don’t expect life to throw them off the boat. You have a gift. You have the experiences to know what someone wants. Don’t throw away what is right here in front of you.” I suddenly looked at my own photographs with a new set of eyes. I had more in front of me than I ever gave myself credit for.


My Unforgettable Experiences is the Real Why I’m Here for Your Wedding.

Because of the grumpy, money hungry, senior photographer I had in 2005, and the extra happy and understanding wedding photographer in 2012, I knew what I needed to do. With the support of my husband, two of my unemployment checks, and a whole slew of passionate drive pumping through my veins, I dug my heals in deep and designed the absolutely most unforgettable wedding experiences of a lifetime for couples just as yourself. I still get goosebumps when a couple arrives to my studio to view their wedding album for the first time, and they never stop smiling, and tears and laughter fill my office. They relive their wedding date right in front of me. Touching each image, and connecting with every smile on every page.




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