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I know not every bride will fall in love with one of my very popular, pre-built, wedding photography packages. Hence why I have here a light description of how my “A La Carte” option and how it might benefit you and your desired dream wedding photographer.

With any place that offers an A La Carte option, you need the perfect starting point.



  • The investment for A La Carte, starts at $1,368
  • This base rate gives you coverage with myself as your master photographer all day as well as a photographer’s assistant.
  • In addition, you would receive 25 signature images in a digital file format.
  • Next, you have multiple options, and should choose any three or more additions for your dream wedding package!


While I’m not able to list all of the items here, I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss how and what I can do for you to make this happen in the exact way you envision it.


Items that may be added to you’re “A La Cart” wedding package are as follows:

  • Engagement Session
  • Extended Engagement Session
  • Post Wedding Session
  • Additional Wedding Hours
  • Custom Designed Photo Album
  • Deluxe Custom Photo Album
  • Mother Album(s)
  • Canvas Wall Art
  • Second Photographer
  • 20 Additional Digital Files
  • & More



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