Timeless and Captivating Wedding DetailsTimeless and Captivating Wedding Details

Crystal Horton Photography is romantically and passionately in love with weddings. Crystal and our master photographers are trained not only to artfully compose a photograph but to be able to anticipate a moment before it actually happens. We know and understand that those moments are the most precious to you. Crystal and her team want every laugh, every kiss, and every tear to be so emotional that you can instantly remember the feeling from your entire celebration.

We want to instill the confidence and trust that your memories and experience will be the upmost importance to us. We know you deserve to have an honest professional on your side before, during, and after your wedding.

Here, on this page, you will see some of the best links, photographic moments, and articles helping you decide why Crystal Horton and her team may very well be the best fit for your wedding.

Start off by learning what our purpose is for you and your wedding, and why we are so different from other photographers in the industry. Then continue with learning what features can compliment your wedding the best, why you deserve to have the best wedding keepsake, a few simple wedding tips and tricks, and a few other appreciated tools our brides are always relieved to have at their fingertips. Enjoy!


Investing in the best Timeless and Captivating Wedding PhotographerInvesting in the best Timeless and Captivating Wedding Photographer

Learn about investing with Crystal Horton Photography as your Specialized Timeless Wedding Photographer.

or read about the "A La Carte" possibility


Learn what wedding features will have generation of women wo0-ing over your timeless and captivating wedding.

Timeless and captivating wedding featuresTimeless and captivating wedding featuresLearn what wedding features will have generation of women woo-ing over your timeless and captivating wedding.
Timeless and Captivating Keepsakes for your WeddingTimeless and Captivating Keepsakes for your Wedding Learn which Timeless and Captivating Keepsakes will be perfect for your favorite memories only with Crystal Horton Photography.

Learn 5 Tips & Tricks for choosing the best Timeless & Captivating professional Wedding Photographer.


Finding a timeless and captivating wedding photographerFinding a timeless and captivating wedding photographerWith the surplus of amateurs and hobbyists becoming a photographer see why a professional is different and will be a better investment for your timeless and captivating wedding memories.
Timeless and Captivating Wedding Portfolio 2017Timeless and Captivating Wedding Portfolio 2017 See our collection of the best Timeless & Captivating wedding moments from 2017.

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